2020 Modern Home Decor Product hello everybody hope you all well welcome back to my page welcome back to another content we are going to be doing this one as live so anything can happen as all. Its today is Wednesday and yeah I, just thought we would bring you a home, where all today and I thought let’s just do another as live video because thankfully I can’t be bothered.

2020 Modern Home Decor Product

To edit it I don’t know why I actually do these and put myself through it because it’s a. Bit like getting on a train and once you’re on I say you’re stuck there with some other passengers.

Looking at you and yeah it all gets a bit awkward if I think about it so let’s not think about that this is a slight video we will just, all relax and enjoy ourselves thank you to those of you who’ve done me a little tweet as well show me your. Television sets in your living room and that’s something else I don’t wanna think, about but thank you if you did send me a little tweet of. You watching me at home it was sort of appreciated and so it made me get the heebie-jeebies again so I’m not thinking about, that we’d have a sip of my coffee before we get into it I’ve made myself a nice one with a.

Little splash of almond milk grab yourself a drink as well settle down I’m talking to you like your pets settle down and we will get into this home where whole, my quick sit I’ll try not gulp it too, loudly I hope you didn’t hear and ya won’t get into this oh let me show you what’s on, the backdrop as well I’ve got this candle on the go that smells so nice this, is from Anthropologie I showed this in a previous hall and I picked this one up in their sale it was down to seven pounds from I, think it was around 27 pounds and they’ve actually got a sale all of the minute as well so I’ll link, that down below for you they’ve got 20% off of all of their candles which i, think is fantastic.

I love an anthropology candle and I think they make, lovely gift so if you want to pop one away in the drawer or with Mother’s Day coming up or quite frankly just treat yourself like I’m partial to doing and then also I should, show you these quickly because these, have been giving off the most fabulous scent so forget about the zoflora and the fabulo so many of that stuff just gets a bunch of these down at little. These a one-pound 90 nine and they’re these like miniature daffodils I think that’s what they. Are anyway but I don’t think daffodils smell nice I could be wrong but.

These smell so sweet just gonna get yourself a bunch you will not regret it I promise you unless you’ve got like pollen allergies or something like that and then you might but yeah let’s get into the hole. And welcome back by the way if you are returning subscriber and there’s a few. New people here as well so thank you very much if you subscribed recently it’s great to see you here and those of you who. Have come back thank you for putting up with me as always but I’m going to, show you let’s get a boring Gish item out, of the way I say boring but quite frankly this is sort of thing that gets me going because I’m the organizational situation is going to be very very good in the wardrobe once I’ve, got these out. I’ve already got lots of these and you will have seen these in previous declutter videos that I’ve done where.

I’ve been sorting out my wardrobe but these are ten hangers and I picked these up from Primark and these were originally three pounds fifty and they were down to I’m gonna say two, pounds eighty but I could be wrong, but they were definitely reduced and I’m just holding them in front of my face now some worried little birds can, become out that’s my naughty trick if I’m feeling a little bit like something’s gonna yeah. There we go that sorted it you wouldn’t have known by I just felt like I had to be honest and tell you what I’m up to yeah three pounds fifty down to two pounds eighty I think it’ll.

Went, for them in this gray color I think they also had them in like a blush pink as well if that’s your vibe but these are really good. They’ve got the little little notchy things there and obviously you can also hang trousers over this part and yeah you get ten. In a pack I’ll stop going on about coat hangers because you’ll be switching it off before I love it. Let’s show you some more interesting stuff everything.

I’m going to be showing you today is 20 pounds, and under so we haven’t been spending too much money does all that up doesn’t there when you put these in your bars to get you get, to the tail before you know it especially in Primark so the next thing I’m going to show you let’s show you. The most expensive item next actually I did think this was 10 pounds in store but. When I got it to the till it was 20 but. I still think this is a really good piece for that price so this was from Flying Tiger Copenhagen that safety label tells us anything interesting about it what I will tell you is, is 30 centimeters by 42 centimeters by 10 centimeters because sometimes you ask me.

And if you ask me after I’ve done the video I have, to go and find the thing and then get back to your Instagram and it’s confusing and I’m running around the house with the tape measure cuz I’ll pull the label off, so if I tell you now that bits out the way and then you know but yet I am very much, into this rat and design and I’m hopefully going to be bringing you some DIYs along. This kind of theme on. A very tight budget soon so if you’re into that as well do stay tuned to those but yeah I just thought this was such a nice pace I’ll be honest.

With you I’m not sure what I’m going to hang it yet so if you’ve got any ideas let me know, what you think but yeah I just thought with the metalwork the nice simple wooden shelf and the dimensions of it I just, bit my tongue hmm then this could be great for loads of different. Things I’m thinking maybe fragrances I’m thinking maybe some plants I would, love to know your thoughts and yeah very pleased if that’.

2020 Modern Home Decor Product