Budgetless Bedroom Designs hi guys welcome back to my page or welcome. If you’re new today today I have decided on spare at the moment that I’m going to try something so we don’t know how this is, gonna go it could be good it could be bad but I have decided to take.

This quarter of my office and style the space behind me using zero money no money is, none zip zilch nada nothing so I thought this would be really fun to show you, guys a few tips and tricks about how you can decorate without spending a penny and using things around your house or. Maybe from your recycling bin and trying to create an aesthetically pleasing space as you can, see I haven’t done it yet so this could go either way so if you want to learn how to decorate without spending any money and by using items.

Budgetless Bedroom Designs

You probably already have let’s get into it okay so as you can see this is what we’re left with pretty bare pretty empty the space itself, I’m using is kind of awkward because as you can see here we’ve got a blocked up fireplace and, the bed doesn’t quite fit in front of it but we’re gonna try and disguise that a little bit and we have. An awkwardly small shelf up here but that’ll be fun to decorate I.

Think I’ll start by decorating the walls and filling up some space that way because that’s the biggest. Thing and it will make the biggest difference so DIY number one, you might have seen me do this a trillion times before but I’m gonna make a very simple tapestry to put on the wall up here to make a hanging tapestry you can use anything you have.

Lying around your house this is a bath mat I pick this up in Primark for three pounds in the, sail evident but I’ve had this for a while and I need to. Do something with it but you can use bath mats tea towels placemats old jumpers anything that you, can find this basically already looks like a tapestry so I don’t, have to do anything to it however here’s what I made earlier so this is from an old DIY video I’ll try and link it down below but as.

Use Pompoms

You can see I’ve just hot glued loads of strands of tassel sequins braids and pom-poms to make it look a bit more interesting so if. You want you can, do this using pieces that you might have stored in your craft supply pile and you can even make braids out of string and wool if you don’t have any pom-poms so for this piece all I, did was flip it over to. The back put a wooden dowel at the top and hot glue it in place rolling over the rug as I did it and then I, added a piece of string to either side of the, wooden dowel to hang it up with you guys have probably seen me do this countless times on my page so many times. It’s actually embarrassing but here we are doing it again one down lots to go with the tapestry.

Gun now I hope to concentrate on this face right here so let’s get some stuff on the wall as you can see I’ve made a massive mess on the bed but I. Wanted to show you all the different types of things that you could use as wall art that you might have lying around, or that are very inexpensive to buy so first off welcome to my gift wrap collection I, have a lot of these so most of these are from oliver bonus and, they cost something like 2 pounds of sheets but they make really nice wall art pieces especially if you frame them i’ve been looking through, my magazines and a lot of the time i pick up flow magazine, and they’ve got some really nice pictures in there that i think make really pretty wall art pieces filled these frames recently with some pieces, from flow magazines i might use some of these and I also like Frankie magazine this picture could be. A contender and there’s just lots of really nice things in here another thing is postcards you might already have things that people have sent you I collect these.

From Paper

Chase they’re 80 pence each I have a big stack and they make a really good wall decor so let’s tackle it okay I’ve decided what I’m gonna do I.

Might regret this but let’s cut this up and. Put it into some frames so this is what we’ve got to think it’s coming along quite nicely I think I’ll leave it like. That though because there’s quite a lot going on before I tackle the bed and move my lunch yes that is a dairy lead dunker I think I will sort something out on the shelf. Something, you can do if you have loads of little baskets lying around instead of using them for storage you can hang them. Up on the wall which is what I’ve started to do over here in the corner and they make for a nice little display as you can see I’ve.