Burning Fat Without Equipment at Home or Sports welcome back to my websites my friends okay today I’m coming at you with another 15 minutes follow along hit work ups we’ve got five exercises we’re gonna go for 30 seconds on 30 seconds. Off three rounds so it’s going to take us to 15 minutes and honestly make sure to take those rest times because you want to.

Burning Fat Without Equipment at Home or Sports

Be going all-out when you’re actually doing that. Exercise so it’s super important that you recover take some deep breaths and then give it everything you’ve got in the exercise so if you guys like the workout and you. Liked this video make sure to give me a big thumbs up hit the subscribe button, I also have lots more hip workouts, and other workouts on my Instagram if you guys want more but for now let’s just get straight into it see don’t be.

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I can’t but no I can’t we get us I ways but no cannot be the words we need by maybe it pertains the, way No maybe if it ain’t the way I love it maybe. Patata fix a start then I could have stayed good night I could do mine okay so that’s the end of the workout I hope. You guys really enjoyed it if you feel like you could go for more you have more energy in the tank then feel free, to add another round so you’ve got 20 minutes.

Of hit workout but I wouldn’t recommend going above 5 rounds if you do feel like you could go.

Above 5 rounds then maybe try some more challenging exercises you can find more challenging exercises on my Instagram but one thing I wouldn’t.

Recommend doing if this was too easy is to reduce the rest time because sports science, says that we’re just moving away from effective hip training so try not to do.

That just find some more challenging exercises if on the other hand this workout with a little bit, too challenging for you then feel free to increase the rest time so go for 40 seconds of rest home and 20 seconds, on or reduce the amount of rounds so either do one round or two rounds and then work your way up to doing.

Three rounds so I hope you guys enjoyed that please give me a big thumbs up if you did hit the subscribe button if you want to see more videos, and head over to my Instagram if you like more workout videos I have more workout videos in. The gym and some more hit workouts so yeah I hope you guys liked it until. Then I will see you guys next time love ya bye .

Burning Fat Without Equipment at Home or Sports