Coffee Cake Recipe and Preparation for our coffee cake batter what we’re gonna need is 3 and 3/4 cups of all-purpose flour I’m using the Gold’s.

Brand that’s my favorite flour to use and that’s what I’m gonna be using for this recipe you’re going to need 3/4 of a cup of butter and this is already, softened butter okay that’s how we want this one to be because if you have it too cold it’s not going to blend properly.

Coffee Cake Recipe and Preparation

With our batter 1 and 1/4, cup of milk and you can use 2% whole milk whatever you have at hand is what you’re gonna be using for this recipe 3 large eggs make, sure these are room-temperature eggs 1/3 of a cup of brown sugar one and a half cups of sugar one teaspoon of salt two and a half. Teaspoons of baking powder two and a half teaspoons of, vanilla now we’re ready to go I have my oven set right now at 350 degrees gonna add, our butter first our sugar our salt our baking soda and our vanilla you can do this by hand but I love my mixer nominees my mixer start off on the.

Low if you’re getting started and put this on your birthday gift list Valentine’s Day. Whatever holiday you make it up and put it. On your wish list so you can get a little mixer you let me bring it up close you can still feel a little bit of the sugars in there and they’re. All gonna incorporate oh we missed that little piece of butter we can mix it it’s just nice and smooth very.

Add Eggs

Creamy so now would you have combined all those ingredients and they’re nice and smooth that’s, when you’re gonna start adding your eggs okay so what I’m gonna recommend you do is crack each egg in here so that way you’re not digging, for eggshells believe me I’m prone to do that often, even after baking first along I still do it a lot let me give you a play-by-play of what we’re doing we’re gonna. Add one egg yolk at a time in here and that’s gonna be enough egg.

Whites and egg yolk to start blending and incorporating on its own okay that’s how we’re doing so now we’re gonna add one egg and we’re going to incorporate. Them one at a time all right before you’re done incorporating all the eggs make sure you scrape off all the mixture. From the sides and give it another little one for a few seconds that looks just beautiful before I forget, my brown sugar let’s put it in okay so what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna add a little bit.

Of the of, the milk at a time I really should’ve chose a paper bowl but we’re gonna make bingo and we’re. Gonna slowly start adding our our flour mixture all you’re doing is a little bit of back and forth, back and forth while you’re mixing okay this is half a cup and I’m just sprinkling that in there okay here’s what’s gonna happen I meant to start. Off with different bowls this one’s a lot smaller so I’m gonna, put every all the ingredients into the larger bowl that I have so let me go ahead and begin mixing it I have a little bit of flour. Larry okay what I’m gonna do now I’m putting this in but it seems a.

Coffee Cake Recipe and Preparation