Cream Cheese Carrot Cake Recipe hey guys today we’re making the most incredible carrot cake it’s amazingly delicious guys and super moist and in this content. I’ll also show you the techniques. You’ll need to achieve that beautiful bakery style look so we’re going to start with the carrots.

Cream Cheese Carrot Cake Recipe

Not only do i grate mine but I do like to process them in a food, processor this step is completely optional it’s just personal preference whether you want to see carrots or not in the actual cake this is however a great idea if you have picky kids like my nephew I’ve also added. Some oil butter and. Vanilla and you want to pulse this for around five to 10 seconds add this carrot mixture to your mixing bowl along with some sugar, you want to use brown sugar because it will give this cake great and extra flavor you’re also going to add the eggs and if.

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Post new videos every week once you’ve mixed all the wet ingredients you can add the dry ingredients which I have sifted prior to, filming this video who you always want to sift the dry ingredients especially if you’re, mixing the batter by hand it’s just so much easier transfer your batter in two or three cake pans buttered floured and lined with parchment paper keep in. Mind I always use 7-inch pans so if your pans are bigger than mine you may want to double this recipe bake. The cakes in a preheated oven at 160.

Cake Making

Degrees Celsius or 320 Fahrenheit for around 18 to 20 minutes if you’ve only made 2, cake layers the cakes will take more time to bake if your oven is big enough you can bake all 3 together or bake, the first 2 and then the final one allow these to cool for 10 minutes and then turn them over and let them cool completely ok so while those are cooling.

I’m going to show you, how to make those adorable fondant carrots which are super simple to make, you’re going to take some orange colored fondant and form some balls basically I don’t like to say. That but you know form the balls okay I personally like to make them, roughly the same size but again it’s personal preference you’re going to take one of the phones on pieces and roll it between your hands forming a carrot shape.

Carrot Cake with Simple Methods

You’ll need to apply more pressure onto one end of your fondant piece which will be the tip of your carrot this is pretty self-explanatory guys, and you’ll find this method to be super simple and it will, come quite natural to you once you’ve formed your carrots and you’re quite, happy with them you’re going to take anything you can poke a hole with I’m using a candle holder a toothpick works fine, get creative work with what you have guts you’re going to poke some holes on to the ends where the carrot tops will go you’re then going to take. A knife and form some small indentations along your carrots you don’t need to be precise your.

Guys actually the more rough you make these the better they’ll look okay so on to making the carrot tops take some green fondant, and you want to roll it pretty. Thinly you’re going to fold it and pinch the end and insert this into the hole that we made before present it– li and you can, kind of shape it and move it around as you prefer and you’ll have the most adorable carrots ever okay so we’re ready to.

Decorate with Cream Cheese

Assemble the cake don’t mind my wobbly turntable it was the only one available that day I couldn’t find the one that I usually, use I know you’re thinking how can you lose a turntable apparently it’s possible okay so carrot cake wants cream-cheese frosting. If you’d like to learn how to make the most delicious creamy and most importantly firm cream cheese frosting perfect. For frosting cakes I’ll leave the video linked in the description box below if you’ve ever made cream cheese frosting. You know that sometimes it can be quite runny and too soft, not this one it’s important you understand how to make a firm cream cheese frosting especially.

For this cake otherwise if your frosting is too loose and too soft the cake design that I’m going to show you in just a moment, will not work you’re going to apply a generous, amount of frosting because most of it will be scraped up anyway I like to do a crumb coat and then the final coat I’ve shown you in the past.

My method to applying frosting and getting smooth sides but do not stress you just want to make sure that the, final coat is as smooth as possible so take your time once you’re happy with the size of your cake you’re going. To use a cake comb like this one they’re really.

Making Cakes with Gentle Touches

Inexpensive and you can find them anywhere it’s an excellent way guys to add detail to your cake while keeping the cakes simple and modern just like the, ones you see in bakeries my advice to you is. To be gentle when using a cake comb just so you get comfortable using this tool otherwise you may, scrape off too much frosting and remember for every cake turn to clean off the coat place the carrots on top however you please you can even do some rosettes if you’d like and I do. Also like to add some tops now.

If you’re curious to see the Italian version of this carrot cake that we. Make here in Italy I’ll leave a link you guys this is one of the softest one of the most delicious carrot cakes, you’ll ever have let’s take a moment to appreciate the crumb of this cake it’s so moist and the combination of the cake with a cream cheese frosting tastes heavenly.

Carrot Cake Recipe