Designs for Wish Room Decor Hacks hey guys so this first wish shock is so easy I literally just bought these little fairy lights which I’m pretty sure we’re free I just paid for like the. $2 shipping and then I stuck some batteries in them and just unraveled, and stuffed them into this little mason jar I love the way that this turned out it just adds such.

A cute little pop of light and I’m obsessed with it now the first thing that I noticed about my apartment that, I wasn’t absolutely in love with for these bright fluorescent lights hanging above my bedroom so instead of spending a bunch of money and trying to. Replace them I decided to just pick up these three little lanterns from wish and I think they were like a dollar apiece plus like $2 shipping. So this made for such an easy quick fix and I love the way that it turned out instead of this bright. White light now there’s like a purple.

Designs for Wish Room

Glow that casts around the room which i think is so cute next I got this little macrame plant hanger and I was so excited to receive it in the mail because the.

Quality is actually super nice and while I do like the way that it looks I decided, that I could definitely use it up just a little bit to fit more of, my aesthetic so I headed downtown to the Arts District and I picked up some.

Dye quick tip if you live in the LA area and you’re looking for a plant literally just go to the flower district they have every single kind of plant that you could possibly.

Wish Room Decor

Imagine and for half the price, that you’re going to find elsewhere just to show you I went to Home Depot. After this and this is double the price for the exact same plant and it’s half the size so the first step to dying, I just filled up my sink with about three gallons of tap water now you can also do this in your tub or you can do it in a washing machine, just whatever works for you but you’re just going to go ahead and soak the fabric in 1/3, cup of this soda ash powder what this does is just acts, is like a dye activator so it’ll make sure that the dye really adheres. To the fabric that you’re dying so I just let that soak in there for about 30 minutes after that I went ahead and drained it. And refilled my sink with three gallons of warm tap water this time and this dying recipe calls for like two cups of plain takin solved but I only had sea salt so., I just grind it a little bit in there before I added the dye and in the instructions it says to add two to four tablespoons of this dye powder but the whole container.

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Only has like two and a half tablespoons so I ended up just pouring the whole thing in there then I went and just mixed in, my little macrame and I set my timer for 20 minutes and you. Just want to kind of stir it gently after that 20 minutes is over you, want to add another third cup of that soda ash just diluted and water again this will just make, sure that the dye fixates and holds on to that fabric then you’re going to set your timer for 50 minutes and just let it kind of fit in there occasionally stirring then. You just want to drain and.

Rinse it after drying it came out to be this really cute pale pink color I’m so excited with how this, turned out I think it’s so cute now on to potting my plants you want to make sure that you put a little layer. Of like pebbles or rocks on the bottom of your planter just to ensure when you water it the roots, aren’t just like soaking in the soil then you want to depart your plant be very gentle when doing this to ensure that you don’t cut. Or tear any of the root then once it’s out you just want to.

Kind of gently massage and break apart that root structure so that has somewhere to grow within its new little environment then I just filled in those access spaces, with remaining soil next I painted the handle of this little C clamp as, you’re going to see in a minute this is how I hung my plant to my ceiling and I didn’t want that red, poking out and being an eyesore then I just want to, hide and disperse the plant evenly through the little hangar so here is how I’m going to apply, the c-clamp to the open vent system on my ceiling just because I don’t have the option of drilling a hole into my ceiling and putting a hook obviously if you, have the luxury of doing that that would be the most, efficient way to hang your plant and yeah that’s pretty much it I hope that you guys enjoyed this content and got some inspiration for your spaces.

I do just want to insert a little disclaimer that wish is definitely not the most sustainable way to. Shop I would highly recommend that you don’t purchase all of your decor items from there, that being said if you’re on a budget and you’re just looking for a couple small pieces I don’t think it’s the end of the world if you buy, from wish always try to support local business when you can and just keep in mind where and. How you’re spending your money because it does matter at the end of the day but thank you. So much for watching this video and please don’t. Forget to give it a thumbs up and subscribe if you aren’t already and I hope to catch you at my next one bye .