Easy and Delicious Toast Recipes i have a very special guest today my wife and it’s the first time she’s actually on one of my cooking content. Because I’ve asked her a lot of times and she always says she’s too busy or, she doesn’t support what I do that’s not true and it makes me feel really bad exactly teams.

Easy and Delicious Toast Recipes

Left – so like any good pregnant, woman and has been having cravings and one of the most recurring ones that she’s been having is toast so this is my very first content. Dedicated to my wife and our future little child in there so all the toast recipes, will do today we’ll do some steak variations some egg variations some okay you’re not in labor avocados and some mushroom toast. Which I will be very honest yes you have to share the mushroom toast the mushroom toast was actually a recipe that. Anne’s dad used to make her when she was a kid it was basically like a dark portobello. Mushroom sauce and II need that but you should say are you going in recipe yah biggest mistake ever he came over the other.

Day and he made it so I got to taste it and I was able to add. A little bit things just to make you more closer to my palate and today we’re gonna be. Showing you that recipe as well not using portobellos put some brown mushrooms the key, to every good toast is really good sourdough yes so Australia some of the best sourdough that you’ll have in your life so you want to get bread that wasn’t. Baked well I think that wasn’t baked today you want it, baked yesterday’s gets a little crusty it’s a little harder and then when we cook it with, the butter it’ll absorb it quickly and not get mushy because it’s a toast that’s gonna be loaded with a, bunch of stuff so you don’t want it to be mushy when it goes into your mouth so a nice thick slice I like to use I like to use three ports. Of an inch what am i shaking I do this every day 3/4 of an inch to an inch just like this oh my god, and then I got a cast-iron pan so when you do toast I actually never use a toaster I use.

Cast iron because I feel like it already has all the flavor, from all the previous food that I made in there and just gives us a perfect crust feel free to be like helpful in any.

Way you want to butter goes in with, a bit of oil so it doesn’t burn and then we take garlic and then all we’re looking to do here is flavor that fat we don’t want to burn the garlic in the Amigo so. That’s a no boom garlic nice window give me garlic how do you say garlic no they’re. All looking at you like no it’s not crazy how do you not notice bow long wait wait no but what I. Love is we have on tape you saying yeah it’s garlic so now the whole Philippines knows why I don’t speak because this.

Toast Recipes

Is my. Teacher I know bow toast goes in okay back to the cooking the garlic I just want to see if you can do it you need a waffle he knew he was caught young avocado, what’s the Tagalog or avocado league Lyla it’s actually really hard to get a super great quality avocado. Like depending on where you get it you’ll have varieties like that on this sleek it does change the flavor a, little bit but it comes down more to kind of something visual you’re looking for something in. This if you can’t find some anise thats fine you can use the longer neck avocado is the problem with the longer neck avocados from. Time to time they tend to ripen in various kind of like parts which is a little annoying, so we’re gonna use 1 avocado since this is one toast it’s. Good fat really good fat especially for pregnant ladies in the Philippines avocado is eaten mostly with yes so most people tend to see it as a sweet.

Something sweeter for sweet preparations but honestly in savory preparations or salads it’s absolutely beautiful, you like yours with lemon right yes lemon I mean say and I like to put the bar up, chili flakes so all we’re doing here is mashing the avocado you still want to leave it chunky yeah juice of half a lemon be dazzling, baffled what up you’re just gonna, April so that we’re matching lemon juice and then this is where I actually add my salt so that’s, all mashed together our toast should be beautiful and crusty and brown yes you laugh it’s so funny every slept like that ever so this already has butter so we don’t have to add anything more we’re gonna add. Our avocados on top the best about this is.

To keep it really nice and rustic I usually drizzle some olive oil on top but Tom doesn’t like that another option is he. Can put this you can add anything I’m contributing I. Love it yeah do you want to remove on top or anything no I like it simple just like that perfect to eat money anything nice mom. Oh oh I just cleaned it you didn’t cut meat with that no I see you did a meat video before this yeah we. Didn’t use this is my best vegetable man put those layers look at those layers.

No you do me I’m gonna cook up this recipe so that it’s easy for all of you to do just let me flex, my muscles hey you hear the crunch it’s all nice and soft inside pie back side nice and acidic buttery kind of flavor happy mommy happy me. Soon, if she needs to rest now and we’re gonna make all the other toes recipes good job next one we will be making is the mushroom toast that we were talking about just a while ago so very. Simple we’re gonna chop up some mushrooms since, we’re doing one portion just one bulb of garlic olive oil in both pans bit of butter in. Both pans do that same thing with the garlic in your toast pan and over here on the other pan we’re gonna add in the garlic and just wait for those. Flavors to come out we’re.

Easy and Delicious Toast Recipes