Easy Room Decor Ideas hey guys what’s up welcome back to my channel it is drew here from lone fox and I am burning a fall candle because I feel like it is almost fall I’m. Really embracing the fall odds right now it is currently like August 23rd or something let me actually look oh it’s a 29th I’m just kidding, I did not know what date it was it’s August 29th right now and I’m coming at you guys today with seven, really really fun DIY projects perfect for your.

Easy Room Decor Ideas

Home perfect for your room perfect for whatever space you hop really and if you came across this video randomly and you do not, know what I do or my videos uh-hum here on loan fox I do a home decor and DIY content every single. Week and you can also subscribe a below and make sure to click the little bell icon right next to subscribe button that way you are.

Notified every time I post brand new videos because you need your daily dose. Of DIY here on the lone Fox channel now before jumping to the products, today guys I do want to mention that these are actually projects that were featured on at my drew Scott YouTube channel.

Which I still do have I have a fashion channel if you guys do not know it was my first ever channel here on, YouTube and I actually started to incorporate a ton of DIY and a ton of home content into that channel before I ever, started lone fox. Which is the channel you’re on currently so I ended up actually splitting my channels which is where lone fox was born and so I basically took off a lot of my DIY videos on that fashion channel.

But I still want to repurpose some of that content so I’m taking a lot of the, videos and actually compiling them into one right here this is going. To be one of the last kind of compiled videos that feature projects that I’ve done in the past so there is a slight flight chance that you might recognize. One or two of these projects from videos that I’ve done it years ago if you happen to have been searching years ago. But I feel like they’re still gonna be super fresh because I have updated them with brand new voice.

Beautiful Thoughts

Overs. I rieta today entire thing and I just made it feel a lot more current and fresh for you guys so I’m featuring a seven really fun DIY project and the reason I’m kind of uploading this. One right now is. Because I am working on it the most in sane apartment and makeover for you guys it is a full apartment a bedroom living room kitchen bathroom and it has been taking up, so much of my time so I thought it was just gonna be a nice little filler for you guys that still is.

A great quality content but didn’t. Require me to you know like go and film a full-on video where I need to go. To Ikea and do this not because this is hard to make over that I’m doing is literally going to be a crazy it’s gonna. Be three parts and get ready for I think you guys going to super excited buff along little preface for you guys but let’s just jump into today’s project and. You’re gonna see why exactly I wanted to repurpose this and let this content live on on this channel that supplies for. This first project are super minimal all I’m gonna be using as.

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