Cedar Island absolute must-see places to vacation in Turkey. Travel lovers, sea, sand, sun lovers paradise island is located in Turkey’s Marmaris district of Mugla.

Cedar Island

Cleopatra sunbathing on this island beach and round and each of the same sand grains of sand (which is characteristic of phosphorus) is said to have been brought here for Cleopatra. It looks like a tropical island with green-blue turquoise sea and white sands.

Where is Sedir Island

Sedir Island (Cleopatra Island) is located 16 km north of Marmaris. The region is famous for its golden sandy beach and sea. The beach is also called Cleopatra Beach. The city walls of the ancient city of Cedrae, the pla and the ruins of the ancient theater are also here. There is a very original and magnificent beach in the region, which is believed to have Cleopatra swimming here.

Sedir Island is primarily an eye-catching island; is the island of visual feast with its most beautiful sea of ​​turquoise, palm green, olive and pine trees and of course golden yellow beach.

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