Fitness and Diet Suggestion for Those Who Stay At Home with Coronavirus Effect all right what’s going on guys so I wanted to make a quick content. Here just covering a few tips that I have for modifying your training. During the corona virus outbreak many people, now being forced to train at home now since this is a fairly heated topic at the moment.

Fitness and Diet Suggestion for Those Who Stay At Home with Coronavirus Effect

I’m going to start here with a few disclaimers first I’m not an infectious disease expert so you’ll want to visit. These websites that I’ll put up here on the screen for specific recommendations related to kovat 19 and if there’s any conflict between what I. Say in this content and the, things reported from these sources you’ll want to default to these authorities second I decided that I am going to monetize this content. After all I’m just gonna donate all the ad revenue that it generates if it generates any to a charity.

For kovat research or something like that and I’ll leave the details in a comment down below once I figure out what makes the most sense. There now it. Comes to the general coronavirus stuff I’ve listened to several different. Interviews with experts on this in there are two podcasts in particular but I definitely recommend. Checking out especially if you’re still having a difficult time sort of filtering through all the noise on this also before I get to the training stuff.

Living at Home with Coronavirus

I do want to quickly cover diet and, as you’d probably expect there’s been no shortage of idiocy about this stuff on the. Internet um so I’ve seen people saying that the vegan diet can prevent Co vid I’ve. Seen other people saying that the carnivore diet can help and keto people saying that the keto diet is the key all of this is nonsense there’s. No evidence that any named diet can.

Prevent much less kurková 19:00 I am aware of one study linking the keto diet to protection from influenza however this was, only one study it was conducted on mice in influenza viruses are not the same as coronaviruses so to use this paper as support for the keto diet is an enormous stretch to, say the least and my best advice is to simply follow the same, general nutrition advice that you should be following anyway so I try to stick to a Whole Foods minimally processed diet.

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For the most part you need a wide variety of different fruits and vegetables to avoid nutrient deficiency also there, was this super popular post on Twitter claiming that drinking warm water would help flush the. Virus down into your stomach or stomach acid but then kill the virus this is also nonsense staying hydrated is a good idea but unfortunately isn’t going to prevent you, from catching this thing or, cure you of it if you got super dosing vitamin C has also been suggested as a prevention method according to examine this only seems to.

Work against the common cold and only if you started taking it regularly before falling sick and again there’s zero evidence that, it does anything against coronavirus so I think the best things that we can do are behavioral things like washing your hands not touching your face in. Avoiding contact with infected people. So this brings me to the gym now I would say that many of us are most likely at some point gonna need to switch to at home workouts very soon if we haven’t already so, I’d like.

Diet and Fitness at Home

To go through some general modifications and strategies for training at home now first of all there’s no need to panic about losing your gains you’re probably not gonna lose a. Significant amount of muscle even if you take a small break from lifting or if your training is suboptimal for, a while for example there was this 2013 study from Elvis our and colleagues. Which had one group trained continuously for 24 weeks so for 6 months straight and, then another group trained periodically for 6 months so they trained for 6 weeks take 3 weeks off trained for 6 weeks take another 3 weeks, off and so on and what they found was that during the 3 week D training periods subjects did lose some muscle but regained it back very quickly.

When they resumed normal training again so over that six-month period for both the, triceps in the pecs muscle growth ended up being about the same so a few weeks isn’t going to rob you of all your gains as, long as you get back to regular training afterward especially if you do some kind, of weighted loading it doesn’t need to be the most perfect workout ever.

In order to maintain your muscle mass and any tensile stimulus on the muscle is gonna be better than no stimulus at all I’d also recommend eating at caloric maintenance or in a slight chloric surplus. If retaining muscle is your main priority if you’re cutting you’re already at a greater risk of, muscle loss and then if you’re forced to Train sub-optimally that’s only gonna make matters worse so if you’re training from home using only light. Weights and minimal equipment I’d recommend at least bumping your calories up to maintenance.

Now obviously if your main goal is to continue losing fat you’ll want to be, in a caloric deficit so in that case I recommend at least bumping your protein up. To one gram per pound of body weight alright so with all that said I’m gonna take the camera off here and show you guys. A few of my favorite at-home exercises and show you a few strategies that might be helpful if.

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You’re stuck at home so general principles are for general principles if you want to keep in mind the first is I recommend doing three to five full-body workouts. Per week you want to pick one or two exercises per body part, depending on what you want to focus on most for those exercises you’ll want to do, three maybe four sets per exercise depending on how much volume you need to do and then the fourth one is the.

One that most people miss which is you need to train close to, failure I found a lot of people who do at home workouts just write three sets of 20 reps and they stop at 20 because. That seems like a lot but maybe you could have gotten 40 to 50 and what we know from the research is it doesn’t really matter what the specific rep count, is what matters is that you’re getting sufficiently close to failure so for all these exercises, I’m not going to list any rep counts because it doesn’t really matter they’re probably.

Going to be pretty high because we’re not training with any or much external resistance so you’re probably gonna have to do fairly high rep workouts but, again the key is not the actual rep count it’s are you sufficiently, close to failure so for all these exercises just leave one maybe, two or three reps in the tank and then I’d say for the last set of each exercise just take that to failure and actually push. Yourself this is gonna be far better at maintaining muscle mass and just doing circuit style.

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Fitness at Home, Fitness and Diet Suggestion for Those Who Stay At Home with Coronavirus Effect