Fluffy Zebra Sponge Cake Recipe this French cake is so soft light and airy moist and fluffy it has a beautiful glance of amazing flavors of vanilla and chocolate thus cake, is one of my favorite cakes I love the texture of this cake and the simplicity of the ingredients, that we used to make this cake we are not using any chemical leaveners in this recipe no.

Fluffy Zebra Sponge Cake Recipe

Baking soda or baking powder and this is a cake rich in proteins and the cake is not too sweet and it is still easy to.

Prepare and a cake is ready to bake in a few minutes so let’s see how to make this beautiful and super. Soft as Abra sponge cake to make this cake we’ll need only a few basic ingredients 4 large eggs flour sugar oil and milk little. Cornflour to add more tenderness to our cake, cocoa powder to make the chocolate batter and a bit of salt to balance the sweetness and a little vanilla extract to add a wonderful aroma to our cake, so let’s start by preparing our cake pan grease the bottom of the pan with some butter or or some oil and lined.

Sponge Cake Recipe

With the parchment paper, which will help us to deem all the cake easily when it has great as we are using water but in the baking process wrap the. Bottom of the pan with an aluminum foil to prevent any chance of water leaking into, the pan so now our cake pan is ready now let’s start preparing our cake batter the sponge.

Cake recipe is mainly based on eggs so as the first step let’s separate the eggs into egg yolks and egg whites so let’s whip up the egg whites and when they start to become frothy add half of the. Sugar that is 50 grams of sugar little by little into the. Egg whites beat the egg whites and medium to high speed until. They form stiff peaks the secret behind successful sponge cakes is beating as much as a as possible into the egg whites in.

Making Sponge Cake Recipe

The heat of the oven those small air pockets trapped inside the batter will start to expand causing the cake batter to rise beautifully even. Without adding any baking powder or baking soda as eggs are one of the important ingredients in this recipe always make sure our eggs are fresh and they. Are at room temperature at one stage the top of the egg whites will curl when the beaters, are lifted continue beating until they form medium stiff peaks at this, stage the tip of the egg whites will stay almost straight up when the beaters are lifted and now the white part.

Of our cake batter is ready and now into our egg yolks or, the yellow part we need to combine all the best ingredients into this except the cocoa powder so beat the egg yolks and. The rest of the sugar that is 50 grams of sugar until the mixture turns alived and for me and.

Mix Vanilla

Pale yellow in color and now it’s time to add all those liquid ingredients into this the vanilla extract oil and milk and mix them. Together with a spatula and now it’s time to add the flour mix let’s add salt and cornflour into. The flour and whisk them together to make sure the corn flour and salt is evenly distributed in the flour and then we need to.

Sift in the flour mix into the yolk mixture and combine them together until they are completely incorporated and they, just form a smooth mixture it’s better, to do this with a hand whisk and not using an electric mixer because if we over mix the batter after adding the flour this may cause the gluten stands, to develop and thus can make our cake tough and rubbery so now our yellow mix is done and now we need to.

Combine the white and, the yellow let’s add the egg whites into the yolk mixture in three parts that we can combine them gently, and smoothly take one third part of the egg white foam and gently incorporate it into the egg yolk mixture and repeat the same with the rest of the egg whites at this stage we need to, take care not to deflate lovely air pockets that, we have created if we are not gentle enough the air bubbles may get.

Chocolate Dough

Deflated and our key better may not be able to rise properly in the oven so with them gently, to form a smooth batter and now our cake batter is half ready we are going to make half of our cake batter to be, chocolate flavoured so let’s pour in half of the cake batter into another ball, and then sift in the cocoa powder into this and if we don’t sift in the cocoa powder and add it directly, into the batter it can create few clumps here and there and we may need to fold it for longer time which may cause the air bubbles to get deflated.

Sift in the cocoa powder into the pattern so now. We go to batters vanilla and chocolate now let’s pour in the batter into the prepared baking Missa pouring three to four tablespoons of vanilla butter, and then two to three tablespoons of chocolate batter and repeat the same with the best of the batter until all our batter is, being used you you and don’t forget to tap the, pan on the counter a few times to release any large air bubbles and for the water bath pour some room temperature water into, a larger baking tray up to about one inch height and then.

Fluffy Zebra Sponge Cake Recipe