Glowy Eye Makeup i spent hours in my head going through all that and thank you so much for reading today’s writing. I’m gonna tell you a makeup look that I was wearing on a birthday, party from a friend of mine.

This is my favorite go-to makeup look and I just hope you guys are gonna enjoy.The first thing  priming my eyelids and I’m using my all-time favorite primer which is by MAC Cosmetics it’s their, painful and your color soft ochre I’m applying this with.

Glowy Eye Makeup

A sigma Beauty p84 brush all over the eyelid and this is gonna make sure that the eyeshadow will stay in place, all day and I had a party or go we went out later that night so my makeup had to be staying in place. All day but for today’s look I’m going in with you Jaclyn. Hill and more fu palette which is one of my favorite palettes I’m gonna start with this warm orange. E brown color which is the perfect shade to use as a transition color so I’m blending this all the way in my crease going from.

The inner corner to the outer corner using a sigma Beauty v40 brush which is one of my favorite brushes to blend, the crease so I’m just blending all, the way from the inner corner to the outer corner just sweeping my brush back and forth until I find that there’s like enough product in the crease.

So before you go in with any eyeshadow you always want to go in with a transition shade first which is kind of like a light color and for example if I. Would create, a smoky blue eye look I would first go in with a light blue color and then darken it up with darker shades so, for today I’m going in with brown colors so.

Choose Colors Well

I first make sure to go in with a light brown shade to create like a, really nice transition in the crease area and this is just gonna make everything look so much better it’s just gonna give you that gradient which is, gonna make the eye look look really nicely blended out so this is the next color and this is a lot darker, well not a little darker but darker than the previous color and that’s what I meant like, this was like the main color which I wanted to use for the crease. So because of that I first had to go, in with a lighter shade which kind of looks similar but just lighter and this way you will see that shade.

Like right above this color which I’m using right now and that’s gonna that’s kind of what creates that nice transition and that’s also what is gonna make it look nicely blended out if I would only go in. With the shade which I apply it right. Now it wouldn’t look as nicely blended out as if I wouldn’t use like the shade we used at the beginning it’s kind of, hard to explain but I really hope that makes sense so now I’m going in with this shade. Which has more of a reddish undertone it’s a really. Beautiful warm reddish-brown color it’s just super pretty and I’m kind of doing the same as I did with the previous color kind of pressing it at the outer. V and also softly blending it all the way in the crease area I’m not using too much of this shade I’m just kind of darkening up the crease, area but not.

Too much I just wanted to give the whole crease more of that reddish undertone and then I went in with the first blending brush which was the e-40 and just blending over the. Crease to make sure that the shades that I. Used kind of mixed together and just really blend into each other so that there’s no harsh lines so I just repeat that until I’m like satisfied with how it’s.

Bright and Luminous

Looking and then I went in. With this rose gold shade I’m using my finger to apply this it’s just a really pretty rose gold color not too dramatic but it has a really beautiful sheen if you find this. Color too light and the palette and I’m using also has some darker color so you can definitely give, your own twisted look and use a different kind of shimmery color but I haven’t used this shade before and I wanted.

To kind of experiment today so I decided to go in with the shade and I wasn’t disappointed now I’m going in with this tilak, glitter and glow in the color. Dollish such a beautiful color and it really suits with that eye shadow I just applied this one also looks kind of. Rose gold and it’s kind of similar but obviously the glitter and glow liquid eye shadow has more of a intense or shimmer so I’m using it, like on top of that and.

You can see it’s a lot more intense but it just has the same undertone what you could also do is make your brush wet and use that color from the Jaclyn hill. And morphe palette and that way it will, also look more metallic if you don’t have the glitter and glow which I use right now you can use that technique to kind. Of get the same results so I applied eleven more of the glitter and glow in dollish by Stella cosmetics and using a really tiny. Blending brush and just blending around the crease area this way it’s gonna look a little bit. More softer and it’s gonna blend nicely into the met shades I always go, back in with a blending brush after applying like a liquid.

Glowy Eye Makeup