Gorgeous Hair Ideas For Young Girls if you’re a girl, You know doing your hair every day can feellike a chore. But if you’d love to spice things up a bit Perhaps you should try something different!

Gorgeous Hair Ideas For Young Girls

Watcha doing there, Vicki? Woah! How many elastics is that?! Does this ponytail ever, end? What on earth? VICKI!!! AHHH! Woah! That’s a big plate of noodles. Lilly! Here’s a fork for, you, Vicki. Those noodles look more interesting than myhair. Oh yeah, this bite’s gonna be good! Hey, this fork may just save the day.

Did you know a, fork like this can crimp yourhair? Hold it like this for a few seconds, While you press it in between a straightener. Let’s see it, Vicki! Now that’s what I, call a funky curl! Do it on a bunch of strands for a, fun newhairstyle. Simply wrap it around the fork like this. All the way to the root of the strand. And just a couple seconds later, let it go.. Pretty cute, right? Hey, Lilly, check out Vicki’s new ‘do! Do you like it, Lilly? Want the rest of these noodles?

Nah, it’s all yours girl. Man, making bracelets is harder than it, looks! Just one more little tie here… Hey! You’d better stop, we’re late to the party! Look at how cute this rubber band braceletis! Ooh, this. Bun is looking a little sad,, girl. Hey, let me see that thing. Why not use these to make your hair more party-ready? My hair’s your blank canvas, Vick! For. This hairdo, start with two little ponieslike this. Be sure to make it a pretty tight hold. Then pull it taught.

Once that’s done, tie parts of the strandstogether at the chin. Take another section of, hair and tie it tothe tied strand. Do the exact same with the other, side. Keep going using the same pattern. Done! Huh? Really, Vicki? Cool your jets, Lilly, there’s still onelast step. Pretty awesome, right? Now that’s some party hair! Man, you should become a hairdresser, Vicki! And.

You’ve earned yourself a friendshipbracelet! Aww! That’s sweet, but. We’re gonna be late! Solving math equations takes total concentration. Gah! Way to watch that mane, Lilly. I didn’t mean to do it, I swear! But long, har can be a problem in more waysthan one. ACK!! My hair almost came out of my head that time! I knew I should’ve worn a ponytail today, Uh,, you may want to be careful with that.

Pencil, Lilly… This really hurts! That’s it! This hair is going up, people! Now I should finally be, able to concentrate! Well that was a fail. Oh Lily, you’ve really got that pencil tangledin there! Found. It. I have a hair tie you can borrow! Actually, I think I have an even better idea. Start with a high ponytail like this. Then, stick the pencil in the hair above it. Grab two little strands from the pony likethis, Then flip them over, the pencil. Start to make them into a braid. As you go, gather more strands as you flipthem over the pencil. Don’t forget.

The other side! Then when you get to the bottom keep the braidgoing And finish it off, with an elastic. A little rubber band works best. Woah! Take the pencil out to see the magic. Don’t forget to tuck the tail end in! If, that’s not Instagram-worthy hair, I don’tknow what is! It looks pretty fab, If I do say so myself! Don’t forget, you’re still in, class girls! Okay, I’m just about ready for tennis practice! My serves are going to be killer.

Today! Pow! This hair in my face is sure annoying. One of. These elastics should help! Ah, it feels better already. That oughta do it! Or maybe not. Ugh.. Why do these things always get so stretchedout? Look how fast Vicki managed to get her hairdone. Mmm! This chai tea smells divine! What was. That? Hey!.

Gorgeous Hair Ideas For Young Girls