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Healthy Sleep Tips

Up andalways seems to feel, tired? Sometimes you got eight hours’ sleep, sometimestwelves hours, sometimes 5 hours, but never mind how well you think you slept you alwayswake up feeling slightly groggy. Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Let’s now, attempt to put things right foryou. While waking up for you is nothing special,a lot of things happen to your body when. You awaken in the morning. For instance, your heart rate will get fasterand your, breathing will become quicker. Your blood flow will increase and your brainwill start producing different kinds of brainwaves.

Enjoy Sleep

Your liver and kidneys during the night werein sleep mode, but, when you. Awake they go back to waking mode. You basically rev up for the day and whenyou open those eyes of yours the lots of external. Stimuli will flood your blood. During the night when you were in sleep modeyou will have experienced something called REM, or rapid eye movement. Most people have about five, of these periodsduring sleep, interspaced with non-REM sleep. If you want to know what, REM looks like, justwatch your dog’s eyes flickering when it is enjoying some. It’s during.

These rapid eye movements whenyou dream, and you are in what we call deep sleep. If you’ve ever woken up in. The middle ofa dream, you woke up during. This is important for today’s show, becausethe experts say we need this deep. Sleep. Sometimes you might take a pill to sleep,and while you may think you’ve gotten a good night’s sleep, the drugs may have.

Affected how much real deep sleep you got. Let’s say you didn’t get down with. Enough REM. You’ll likely know this because you wakeup tired and feel mightily irritable throughout the day. If this. Keeps happening you’ll get moreirritable, and not getting enough sleep over a long period of time can actually affectyour health because when we sleep our bodies go into repair mode. When we are sleeping we are, charging, andif you want to wake. Up feeling super-charged then you have to get enough sleep. Dreaming is important too, it’s like allowingyour thoughts to spill out. It’s kind of psychological cleansing. So, we are. Told that the average adult shouldbe getting seven to nine hours of good sleep per night. Many of you now.

Water Very Important

Will be thinking, hmm, that’snot me. Some of you will get that much sleep but, stillwake up tired. Now we are going to tell you how you can wakeup feeling better. First of all, watch what you eat. You shouldn’t eat, a lot before you sleep,and if you’ve snacked on a bunch of processed carbs before bedtime you blood sugar levelsare going to, be high and this can prevent you. From having a good night’s sleep. You should have plenty of water, though, andwe suggest you keep water near your bed. If you wake up dehydrated it might not matterhow many hours you, got and you might still. Feel sluggish.

Being dehydrated can slow you down. Another thing is to exercise. We are not asking you to start doing 5 mileruns every evening,. But just move about a bit in the day. Exercise can oxygenate your blood and in turnthis provides nutrients to, your brain and heart. If you are someone who is very lazy don’tthink you’ll sleep better because you’re. So good at not moving. That’s not the case at all. We shouldn’t have to tell you this, butduring the night turn off the, alerts on your phone. You might think that you don’t hear thosebeeps, but each beep might upset those deep sleep cycles your body.

Do Not Press Snooze

So much enjoys. It’s really not hard to turn. Off those alerts,so start doing it now. Another thing you might not have heard aboutis not hitting that snooze button. Small. Increments of sleep do nothing for youat all. It’s that good sleep you want. If you enter into a new sleep cycle and thendisrupt it after a 10-minute snooze you are basically.

Ruining that cycle. Your body doesn’t like this. The experts tell us there is something calledthe 90-minute. Technique, which means setting your alarm 90 minutes before you really wantto get, up. It’s like a long snooze. During those 90 minutes you’ll enter intoa period and that’s good for you. You could not press the snooze button at all,but some.

Healthy Sleep Tips