Hip Flexibility and Core Strength Foga hello my friends and welcome to another great Fogo workout this particular routine focuses especially on hip flexibility and core strength some of the moves are a little. Bit more challenging than others so please don’t hesitate to modify or take a break if, you need to and if you’re an essential oils user I hope you’re putting on something energizing like peppermint diluted in, some carrier oil give it a deep inhale get that energy up and let’s start standing up we’re going to begin with some breathing just to sort of. Get centered and come into the moment so begin with an, inhale and then an exhale and as you exhale press all of the air out of your belly using your.

Pelvic floor to lift and your abs pulling in inhale expand all the way around and then exhale lift your, pelvic floor pull your belly button in toward your spine inhale expand all the way around into your belly in your ribs and then exhale lift your pelvic floor pull your belly button to spine. We’re gonna do the same breathing that’s kind of our common breathing throughout the whole practice but we’re gonna pull in, a squat so this is a goddess pose squat. Toes are turned out knees are pressing back sit straight down and up, and when you come up I want you to exhale inhale on your way down and then exhale on your way up now you can keep going with this very, simple squat or you can continue on to the next part with me where we’re gonna strongly stand into our right leg and then twist lifting our. Left knee so stand strongly into your right. Leg and twist toward that left exhaling each time you twist in just a couple more and then we will switch sides so now you’re standing strong into your left leg and you. Are twisting toward your right strong core belly pulls to spine each time you exhale use your balance this is a, very challenging move keep going and then we’re gonna do four on each.

Side so switch sides and for three two one switch sides and remember to exhale as you twist pull that belly button toward, your spine lift your pelvic floor as you twist and you are done release I’m gonna turn to the side but you don’t, have to you’re gonna move into a chair pose sit way back make sure your pelvic floor is lifted and. Your low abs are pulled in this will help protect your back now swoop your arms back into, a flat back position airplane pose this is a nice stretch for your hamstrings back into, chair pose and then exhale into airplane inhale into chair pose sitting back knees don’t go beyond your, toes and then exhale belly lifts toward your spine. Flat back airplane change it up just a little bit to your arms forward palms up it’s like you’re offering something and then airplane again offer your hands forward strong core and then exhale into airplane keep going with, this really strong through your core lifted through your pelvic floor and feeling that hamstring stretch, when you move into the airplane pose with your arms back and your back flat now exhale pull belly button, to spine fold forward bending one, knee at a time just take your time with this and feel into this beautiful hamstring stretch you might want to grab two blocks and just switch your knee bend back and forth, so one knee bends the other leg is straight and then switch, sides finish up and now we’re going to move on to the floor so remove your blocks to the to. The front of your mat you might need them later and come onto your back we’re going to do a really important test this next, part may be too advanced if you have diastasis recti so that’s really what we’re checking to see engage your pelvic floor so lift your.

Pelvic floor toward your head and pull in your low belly now we’re gonna tuck the chin toward the chest and lift your. Head and shoulders off the floor feel your belly do you feel firmness do you feel some tension or. Do you feel a gapping or a doming if you feel the gapping or the doming or the, tenting then i want you to keep your head down for the next part but if you felt some tension some firmness and. You did not feel that gapping then go ahead and retucked your chin. Re lift your head and we’re gonna move into a knee to chest and then straightening that leg same. Leg eight times keep breathing exhale each time you straighten the leg out now again if you see. A gapping in your belly or a tenting or a bulging. In your belly then that means you need to stop and put your head down if you want a little bit more action then you can lift your arms off the floor and, your head a little bit more off the floor as well this is, the last one and hold it hold that leg straight keep the belly pulled in in in your head and shoulders lifted only if that’s appropriate for you. Remember it can be on the floor the whole time throughout that move we’re gonna do the same thing on the other side and so be. Really honest with yourself in and repeat the process so again lift your pelvic floor pull your low, belly to spine. Only if it’s appropriate lift your head off the floor notice how my palms are facing up so that I’m not gripping the mat keep making sure that your belly is.