Home and Office Workout i’ve put together for you a quick office workout simple exercises you can do either on the spot with minimal equipment it can easily be done in. A lunch break a tea break whenever you get the chance first we’re going to do is some squats.

Office Workout

With the calf raise now if you need to, hold on to your desk or a wall to give you some extra stability if not freestanding so different options level one it’s going to. Be our plain, squat this way hips knees and feet all aligned. Tracing forwards nice and parallel our bottom is going right back and out my chest my head is nice and lifted this.

Is your level 1 level 2 we’re going to go for a squat with, the calf raise so the same technique for the squat you should come up into a. Car for us we’re rising up through the middle of our feet and back down again to make a little bit harder. You can add some arms here or even take them up above your head as you do the calf raise so I’m going to go for level 2 which is your squat. Playing car phrase we’re going to do 10 repetitions so everything nice and aligned off we go you’re playing squat. Up and a calf raise and down think about using your bottom the whole time particularly at this point, here’s you squeeze up underneath calf.

Raise and down squat you can also see increase the intensity with that one by going deeper into that squat. However low you go just make sure your technique is correct nice parallel legs bottom back. And. Out next we’re going to do is called a jack a jumping jack again. I’ll give you three different levels so you can pitch it as to where you’re at so the. First level without any impact at all we’re gonna go for hands on hips it’s gonna be a half jack so tapping out to the side, and bring it back. Into center tap to side back to Center that’s your level one you can take up to level two by including arms just still a half jack for adding arms a bit of coordination now.

Home Workout

Level three we’re, going to go for a full Jack which adds the jump in so arms and legs are going at the same time okay so I’m gonna. Do level three and we’re going to go for ten repetitions on this one again so ten jacks ten half jacks wherever.

Your level is at if you’re doing a jumping version in particular make sure everything is aligned hips knees and feet every single time you land with the. Non-impact version level one make sure every time you’re aligned hips knees and feet completely over each other.

To make sure there’s no twisting. Going on off we go one two three four five and six seven nice and slow and steady eight and nine and ten and that’s when we’re going. To do is side bends so working our core in particular our side here for this one I’m going to. Use a resistance bands hold towards the end of the band when you’re doing this if you’d like to make it harder.

Over time hold higher up the band it’s got less to play with we’re gonna. Bend from side to side I don’t look like this now your level of intensity as I said will change depending where, on the band’s you’re holding so towards the end of the bands it’s easier lower down the band is harder so we’re gonna. Go for ten sets of side bends so legs all facing, forwards nice and parallel relaxed soft knee good posture so pulling up through the top of your head pulling in with your core off we go. One and two so nice and slow and steady now I’m making sure I’m going directly side to.

Side don’t lean it back or forward within your risk of not working your core.

Well enough or putting too much strain on your lower spine the next exercise we are going for our lunges I’m going to alternate my legs coming forward now to change the intensity of this one. Hands can either go here on your hips here by your ears over level three up above your head. You can change the level of intensity depending on how, far down you go into this lunge so a level one lunge would be a shallow one level two would be a little. Bit deeper and level three all the way down it’s a nice long stride.

And down here if you aim for level three there should be a right angle here and a right angle on the back leg I don’t you to make sure, as you go down your knee it does not bang on the floor hey it might hurt your, kneecap but B it takes a pressure off your legs and we’re aiming to work these legs out not take the pressure, off so that’s your level three off we go with ten lunges it’s a nice, long stride one and two next exercise are going to be a press up so you’re working our chest area our pecs and also our upper arms. Our biceps and shoulders come back a little bit – so my easier level one option be quite close. Office Workout

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