Home Decorating Ideas with Less Budget hi everyone welcome to my page and welcome to a video that has been consistently giving me a few problems love living.

By the sea oh no big deal there’s just a massive shard of glass in the bottom of this box just found another shard of glass in between my, toes yeh so over the course of this video you might just see my sanity drift away into the abyss however I’m. Gonna salvage this video long story short I decided to do a thrift DIY challenge about a month or so ago and I started the projects.

Home Decorating Ideas with Less Budget

And some of them turned out quite well which I’ll show you in this video however some of. Them not so much and this box of stuff has been sat in my office taunting me for the last. Few weeks so I’ve decided to instead. Of scrapping this video go back in and try and make something out of the DIYs that failed and show you guys the projects that actually, came through so let’s jump in and see what we can.

Do with it let’s start off with this mirror that I picked up for 399 it’s a great simple piece with a lot of DIY potential so I started, by cutting 6 pieces of rope because I’m gonna brave the pieces of rope I made sure they were all about 2. Lengths of the circumference of the mirror and then I used a bit. Of hot glue to secure them in place I decided to add two pieces together, because I’m using two pieces of rope full but my finger two pieces of rope for each section of the braids so I ended up with six and I.

Glued them each down two by two as you can see I’m also cutting the ends of the rope to make sure they’re nice and neat so there’s no little flyaway. Bits and then I just started braiding all the, way around the mirror like I said I’m using two pieces for each section this is because it lays flatter on the. Surface of the mirror and it’s a bit wider so we get more of a brim or an edge around the mirror so I just continue.

To do this using a, little bit of hot glue to secure it in place underneath every so often so that it wasn’t going to shift around or. Anything it took a while but when I got to the end I was ready to secure it in place so I just, used a little bit of hot glue and I took each of the separate sections of rope and twisted them in the direction they were traveling so two of them I ended.

Up putting underneath. The mirror just for a more natural look and lastly to cover the holes in the glass I just used a bit of, glue and some pushpins and I laid them in place this way there’s no ugly holes for where the screws are meant to go and this is the finished result it’s a pretty, simple DIY you can do this to any mirror or any photo frame and it doesn’t take very long at all, this next project gave me a lot of hassle but it started off, as a 50 pencil lampshade so this is what I like to call the ramen noodle lampshade this project.

Didn’t go well from the start so here’s what went right with the project first of all I used the scissors to just get in. There and cut all of the excess of the lamp off, I didn’t want the shade part I just wanted the metal so you’re gonna need to do this if you recreate, the non failed version of this DIY I noticed that the two metal pieces, weren’t attached so I decided to create this weird contraption using barbecue skewers it wasn’t very good I added insult to injury by then tying on these pieces of, wool and then this happened okay we have a slight problem I tried another.