Home Decor Products and Home Decoration hey everyone welcome back to my website today me sharing with you a huge threat all of all the different home decor home wear and furniture items that I picked up at the thrift store recently I did just post, a thrift of me content it.

Home Decor Products and Home Decoration

Was kind of like a guide to shopping your home decor at the thrift store so I did pick up a lot of those items that day and never got a chance. To share them with you I want to show, you guys everything that. I got the plans that I have for flipping them and I just want to encourage you guys to start your.

Home decor shopping at the thrift store do not be afraid of the thrift store there is, so many amazing things in there and you really end up with super unique pieces so I hope you guys enjoy watching today’s video and I hope it inspires you to, throw some items for yourself if. You enjoyed watching definitely give it a big thumbs up before we get started and make sure you’re subscribe to my channel and let’s.

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Go ahead and get started so let’s start with the largest item I picked up I don’t even know if it’s gonna. Fit in this frame but we’ll try I picked up this gorgeous wooden cane to, chair guys look at this thing and look at the condition that the caning is in it’s perfect and it’s not broken and that’s what made this, find is so amazing I got this chair for $7.99 leg isn’t that incredible. You could just finish your entire house at the thrift store and save so much money so this would look so cute as a little accent chair or sitting in a. Dining room table with a bunch.

Of other like mixed chairs so caning is back in now and you can find a lot of it at the thrift store so you guys should, definitely check out the thrift store near you because you might find something similar. I know a lot of you guys, are pro bably like don’t paint it because you know some people don’t like painting, wood which I understand but I would just like it to fit the decor better so I don’t know it might.

Need to change but I think it’d be a really fun just day project yeah I just have like this dream of collecting all these different thrifted furniture pieces painting them. Refurbishing them and maybe like opening, a little air B&B one day and the whole thing would be thrifted how cute would that be if you guys have an opinion about what color this, chair should be or what finish or what stain it should be let me know down below I, would love to know your thoughts that’s kind of why I haven’t started yet because I want to know you guys think what color what style I think it.

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Could look really really cool so anyways let me know down below the next little item I got was. This cute little wooden tray and guys, haven’t you seen this at like Target or cratenbarrel or West Elm or something I got this one for $2.99 and I swear. If you picked it up anywhere else you’d be paying so much more so this was such a steal I love the shape of.

It I love the finish of it the little handles I’m letting on using this as kind of like a tray in. The bathroom when I do the bathroom makeover which. I’m working on right now so, stay tuned for that but I want to put like my soap dispenser on there maybe a cup for the toothbrushes so that everything stays off the, counter and that’s why.

I love trays they kind of allow you to layer things and have things off, the main surface it does have some little scuffs and scrapes on it but, who cares cuz I got it for $2.99 and I’m gonna stick things on. It anyways so look past those things when you’re thrifting and look at the overall beauty okay now moving on it to another little favorite, thing to buy at the thrift store baskets I love baskets you guys know that I’d love to organize with them style them put them on walls.

Really use them for almost anything a lot of you guys know, how much I love baskets and you send me pictures of baskets all the time and like stores that have baskets and I’m just like I need to go there so anyways. I go to. The turf store to find a lot of my baskets because they are so affordable there this is a cute little basket that I got you might have seen this in my trusted me. Content um I know it’s probably like a tissue paper box holder type thing I think but I want to use it for either, like makeup brushes or.

Someone actually commented saying it could be a little plant holder look a little plant basket and I thought that was a really cute idea too so, now I feel like I have more than one option but I picked this up for. $1.99 for Valley Village I love the texture that it has the cute little size I love, that it’s square and I could just see it sitting on my countertop probably in the bathroom that’s probably what I will be doing with. It so again stay tuned for the bathroom makeover anyways I’ll show you guys other baskets that I got because I got quite, a pile of oil here I also picked up, this set of five flat baskets and I love picking these up at the thrift store again because they’re very. Expensive and normal.

Home Decor Products and Home Decoration