Home Interior Designs, Living Room Decor and Design Ideas. it was my favorite day, decorating day,and I’ve got all the details to show you.

Stay tuned. So real quick, before I jump into this design, project, I wanted to say the purpose of this writing is to help you find some really, good ideas that you can implement in your own home. We all have different lifestyles, different budgets, even different design styles. My passion is to help you create a home you love. Alright let’s jump into this fun decorating day.

Home Interior Designs, Living Room Decor and Design Ideas

We started with decorating the foyer. We brought in a console and I could use an open console because we weren’t going to put a lamp on top and didn’t have. To worry about cords showing. Next, we hung some of my very favorite botanical prints and then we accessorized the top of the console. A little bit of greenery, a tray with some trinkets, and three candlesticks was all that was needed on. Top of this console. Next, we focused on the eat-in kitchen. We really needed to add warmth and softness to the space.

Design Accessories

So, I call it softening the hard lines and how you do that is with fabric, lighting, and accessories. Take a look at the difference. Now this is a tight space so I had. To find a console that was really narrow, but could still have a lamp placed on top. For the other accessories, I made a floral and. Added photo frames. The centerpiece was easy. A white bowl, some faux pears, and the placemat stack underneath. These relaxed Romans completed the look beautifully. Next, we moved on to the living room.

Curtain and Sofa Harmony

She had two beautiful sofas, facing each other in front, of the fireplace but as you can see the room needed again some softening and warmth. As you walk through the foyer the first thing you see is this big. Large wall so I thought what we needed was a very large piece to accommodate that, wall and my client found just the perfect piece. Take a look. We had draperies made and hung, highabove the window. I’m telling you, draperies can make thebiggest difference in any room. Because we have an open concept, we chosethe same fabric that we used in the eat-in kitchen. I changed out her pillowswith, some beautiful ones I found, at Home Goods. I placed a console table behindthe sofa. This allows for a place to have a lamp, some accessories, and also for aplace for your guests to put their drinks. I really like the, look of aconsole behind a sofa. Whether it’s up against a window or.

A wall. Here is areally easy floral arrangement. I just found a beautiful white pitcher, the container makes all the, difference, and then I just added some lambs ear andsome. Little white flowers. Here is one of my favorite things of the entire livingroom and that is these two gorgeous chairs. I adore the fabric on. These chairs. They are timeless, they go with the entire design, and another fabulous feature about these chairs- they look beautiful from. The front as well as the back.

We do sell these chairs in our store and I will put. A link below. I placed a small table between the chairs with a mirrored top and then simple greenery and a stack of books. There wasn’t a lot of room on the mantel for decor, but I found these perfect cast iron candlesticks. I placed a round rattan basket full of beautiful throws not only, was visually appealing but it kind of grounds the couch. Space may be able. To accommodate a small coffee table and even a rug. We opted to do that at a later date because she has two small children. For this console, I only changed one.

Little Things

Few things. I added a pretty picture that. We hung on the wall and a beautiful floral. Sometimes just the little things can make a big difference. In her kitchen, we just did a little bit of accessorizing. A new crock, for her utensils. A round cutting board is the perfect way. To create a vignette. We replaced the smaller wreath with a largerone and secured it.