How to Decorate a Beautiful and Cozy Living Room hey guys welcome back to live your style I’m Shara and this is scouts little head and butt sorry she’s in the frame.

Today is a huge day and I’m really really really excited because I can finally show you guys our living room it’s taken some time to put this room together and I’ve. Been teasing in a lot on Instagram but today’s the day and I’m super stoked thank.

How to Decorate a Beautiful and Cozy Living Room

You so much to Samsung for sponsoring today’s video we have a frame TV that honestly just. Pulled this room together I can’t wait to tell you guys all the fun little. Details about it I do want to say one thing about this video before we start if you guys have. Seen any of my other videos then you’ll notice a lot of these principles are the same that’s kind of the point. In every single room and it comes to decorating your principles usually stay the same it’s the application the way that you execute that gets different and.

Is really fun and where you can be creative I actually love, the fact that we kind of repeat some of the same tips on these videos because that’s how you get ingrained in your head that’s how you learn and that’s, how you guys get confident to do. It on your own in your own spaces without further ado if you guys have not yet thumbs up this video make sure you.

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Choose Your Design

Go number one you always want to start by picking your design style and also deciding on a color palette if you guys want to check out some of my videos. From previous times I don’t remember what video it was but I. Will put a link in the description below you guys can check it out but I kind of go into detail on the best practices for figuring out what your color palette is so, basically what you want to do is you want to sit down and figure out what, style you gravitate towards if you guys want help with this I have a design style quiz you guys can also go down to, the description box click that link and check it out we have some really awesome questions and it kind of.

Helps you navigate that process and land on what your specific style is for your space and once. You kind of picked that it kind of like leads the direction for everything else so I. Always say start there land on, one or two colors maybe three and make sure they all go together so for our color palette in here as you can see we’ve kind of updated it a. Little bit it’s not quite as white and bright as our last place it’s a, little bit warmer our interior paint they actually already had it painted in here. I love it for everyone asking because everyone has been asking, and everyone loves this color and it’s so funny that everyone’s, so obsessed but I totally get it it’s hard to pick up and color when you see it how you like, it in someone’s actual house it’s like really great Tyler’s calling should we answer hi honey I’m filming what’s up oh yes I did get the tripod we’re using it right now thank.

Black Decor

You all right, love you bye thank you okay so back to the paint color. I’m sure you’re all dying to know it is called crisp muslin from, dunn-edwards there you have it and it’s in a matte finish so I think that’s all so it makes it look really nice alright moving on. Okay so the last thing I was gonna say is the other editions of the colors that we’ve added are a an off-white kind of creamy white color. We have a lot, of black accents as you’ve seen in my other videos we’re going with black frames in here we’ve got, black hardware a black light some black wool dashes and then also I’ve mixed in kind of the Terra Cotta cognac color with our awesome beautiful brand-new.

Couches from article tell you more about this later but yeah that’s kind of our color palette we’ve kind of warmed it up a little bit and I think it looks, amazing so you can always change you don’t have to just be stuck in. One color palette your whole life but you want to kind of figure what that is and. Then start decorating from there ah number two number two decide on a functional layout with this space, it was kind of challenging it’s a very long room but it is not that wide when you are setting up your layout for a living space especially.

If it’s in like ours where our front door walks into, the living room you really want to make sure that you are preserving your walkways and you’re kind of allowing for easy.