How To Knitting For Beginners, from sheep and Stitch and today I’ll show you the long tail cast on using the thumb method.

This is a great beginner cast on and we’ll go through it step by step alright real quick. Let’s talk beginner materials so I’m using Lion brand’s hometown in the color Fort Lauderdale coral this is a bulky. Weight acrylic yarn and I always recommend thicker yarns for.

How To Knitting For Beginners

Beginners because they’re easier to hold on to and I’ll throw a link to this yarn down in the description I’m also using 10 millimeter bamboo needles I’m a big, fan of bamboo or wooden needles because both these needles have nice surface. Drag that grips the yarn and makes it less slippery to work with okay now.

Let’s get on to casting on alright so first we need to determine how much yarn we need and this is pretty easy so if you know you, want to knit a scarf that’s like 5 inches wide then you’ll just multiply that by 3 ok so that would be 15 inches so, let’s just say I’m, gonna knit a scarf that’s 5 inches wide I’m gonna you know eyeball about 15 inches of yarn and that’s where I’m.

Making a Right Knit

Going to start my cast on so like let’s say that’s like here okay it’s just for the sake of making things easier. Once I figured out my point where I want my cast on to be then I’m gonna make a slipknot okay so what is. A slipknot super easy I’m going to make a loop with my yarn, just like this alright so how did I do that I just took like held my yarn like this in my two hands and kind, of brought my hands together okay and made a loop just like that right about a, big but a boom right about a big but a boom that’s it okay a little loop then.

I’m going to take my strand of, yarn here and bring it behind the loop okay so that it kind of divides my loop in, half okay so I’m gonna just hold that in place there then I’m, gonna take my finger and just pick out that strand of yarn from my loop and pull it out and there you go now I’ve got.

A slipknot pretty cool right so let’s do that again alright no slip knot and, now I’m going to make a loop okay just like this and I’m gonna hold that loop take my strand of yarn bring it behind the, loop so that it is kind of in the middle of the loop that I’m gonna, just take out that strand of yarn from my loop yeah there we go so now, there’s my slipknot all right so I’m gonna take my needle I’m gonna put it into my Slipknot just like.

That right now my Slipknot is sitting on my needle and I’m going to grab these two strands of yarn and just pull them so that the slip knot tightens around. My needle it’s nice and snug oh yeah so now I’ve got my Slipknot all right so what I’m gonna. Do now is I’m gonna take my finger and just put it down on the, Slipknot you can use two fingers if you want I just want to, make sure that this Slipknot isn’t like rolling around when we’re casting on okay so just use your right hand and just you. Know put it down on that stitch so that it’s nice and secure all right let’s get started first.

Use Fingers

I’m gonna take my left hand hello and I’m gonna go underneath this strand of yarn on the, front and I’m gonna grab it with, my four fingers kind of like I’m making like a thumbs up sign. Okay then I’m gonna take my thumb and I’m gonna go behind that strand of yarn and then up so it’s kind of looped around my thumb okay so I’ll show you that again left hand underneath the strand.

Of yarn grab it thumb goes behind that strand of yarn and we’re going to twist it onto the. Thumb cool now we’re gonna take our needle and we’re gonna touch. The front of our thumb and go into the loop that our thumb has, made alright just like that so let’s do that again here’s my needle I’m going to touch the. Front of my thumb and go into the loop on my thumb cool all right so now this strand of yarn that’s attached to our ball of yarn it wants. To get some action to right it’s been. Kind of left out of this game so we’re gonna take that strand of yarn wrap it around our needle okay so from the back to the front okay and then I’m going.

To take this loop on my thumb bring it over the needle and. Then drop everything let it all go take the Strand of yarn in the front pull it down all right and that is our first, cast on stitch using the longtail cast on pretty cool. Right so this is I know this probably seems really crazy and confusing and don’t worry we’re gonna go through this again a couple times all right, so let’s continue all right let’s take our left hand go underneath the strand of yarn.

Needle Selection

Grab it take our thumb go behind that yarn so we’re gonna take our thumb go behind the yarn pick it up and kind of twist it so it’s around our thumb then I’m. Gonna take my needle and, touch the front of my thumb and then go into the loop okay into the loop that my thumb has made all right and now, I’m going to take this strand of yarn attached to my.

How To Knitting For Beginners