How to Make Eyeshadow Using Both Matt and Metallic Color for today’s eye makeup look I’m going to show you how to create this look using two eyeshadows one for the lid and one for the crease it’s a super easy, look so let’s get started so I’ve already started by priming my eyelids with a little bit of primer if you.

How to Make Eyeshadow Using Both Matt and Metallic Color

Don’t have an eyeshadow primer you can always use concealer and a setting powder this will create a blank canvas for you to work on however primer. Does give your shadows something to hold on to so that’s why I prefer primer over, concealer I’m first of all going to take that Cree shade which is a matte tone and I’m, gonna take my blending brush so you only need two brushes for this look a blending brush and a flat brush starting with the blending brush we’re.

Going to work this over and back into the crease of the eye so, the crease of the eye is where the eye, creases into the eye shape we’re going to start on the outer corner and blend this over and back in this, area I like to keep my eyes open so I can see the shape that I’m creating making sure the, depth of color is right at the lower point of the crease blending upwards towards the brows and pretty much disappearing as it gets to the brow area take, your time blending this over and back until you get the depth of color that you want and I’m going to take my lid shade.

And whenever I’m playing anything that.

Has a little bit of shimmer I use a flat brush to apply it the reason I use a. Flat brush as it helps the shadow to glide on particularly with metallics or anything with shimmer or glitter just helps them, to really hold on to the lid and glide and create that nice glossy look you want to very slowly build, this up applying a little bit of shadow at a time until you get the depth of color that you.

Want you also want to play close attention to the lashline because this is where you, want the majority of the shadow to be blending upwards until it reaches the crease if you have harsh lines between your crease and your lid take your brush and slowly smudge between the two this will help them. Blend into one another but don’t be afraid to keep blending and applying a little bit as, you go along I also took that lid shade and applied it underneath the eyes as well I. Accidentally ended up applying liner you might ask me she.

Named how do you accidentally apply liner it’s because I had a little bit of eye shadow on my lashes went to remove it using liner hit my lash line and then ended up having, to do a very thick line it’s a bit like that meme where are you going to, do really thin line it into a super dramatic that’s.

Basically what happened to me rather.

How to Make Eyeshadow Using Both Matt and Metallic Color