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Health and Healing

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Where you can get six free meditation and affirmation mp3 downloads my gift to you thanks again and enjoy positive affirmations for health and healing to get the most out of this, recording listen to it every day for 21 days in a row or as long as it continues to serve you, in this audio I’ll recite each affirmation then in the space that follows repeat it back to yourself either out loud or in your, mind let’s begin I am healthy I am perfect whole and complete I choose to be healthy I.

Choose to be vibrant I choose to be whole every cell in.

My body vibrates with life-giving energy my mind is sharp my.

Body is in perfect working order I am healthy in mind body and spirit I am grateful for the healing that’s happening right now. I call forth perfect health I command healing energy to flow through me I let go of what doesn’t.

Serve me I give myself permission to heal I am healing inside and out I am patient with myself every day my body heals in its own time my body heals, in divine order I am radiant beautiful and strong I, believe in my ability to heal I deserve to be healthy I deserve to be happy I deserve to heal I deserve to. Live a full vibrant life my body is a temple of health and healing my body is a. Magnet for wholeness now is the time to be healthy now is the time to be healed now is, the.