Living Room Decor Makeover 2020 welcome back to my channel today I’m going to be giving you a tour of my home for fun and show. You the decorations that I decided to go with this year so you know you’re going to be seeing some new items in the house.

Living Room Decor Makeover 2020

Including new sofa new accent chairs new paint how is that so let’s start the tour with the entryway this is. The first thing you see when you walk into my house so here to my right hand side I have this beautiful mirror console table that I had for, years already and it’s from Wayfarer the beautiful grey.

Ottomans that are also from Wayfarer the decorated boxes I will link everything down below you guys and this beautiful canisters from sea gallery the mirror I bought, this from overstock so on the other side of the entryway I got this, beautiful bench from TJ Maxx calm I order it for my bathroom buddy when it came in the mail it was just too small for, my bed and it just looked kind of weird in that space so I decided to put it, here before I returned it to see how I like it and I think I’m liking it let me know down in the comments what you think should I, keep it in this area or return it here’s an.

Living Room Decors

Overview of the living room many things have changed here the pink color we have a new sofa a new accent chair we have wallpaper over the fireplace built in and, we have a beautiful new chandelier this one is from Kichler lighting I. Want to thank them for collaborating with me on this video I am in love with the.

Living room transformation you guys look at that beauty believe it or not I have ordered three different so far, this year and if you follow on Instagram you have seen them all.

But finally this is it I’m not returning it I am in love with this off I love how modern it looks how clean it looks it’s super comfortable it is the perfect size.

For a living space as well and. This is how I decorated it super super neutral this beautiful gold pillows to the side of the sofa are from TJ Maxx calm as you can see here and I.

Got this beautiful fur throw from home goods as well is so luxurious and so.

Comfy for my coffee table I decided to create my own proto. Arrangement this year throughout the house you’re gonna see that and I just think it can also pretty you guys and I use.

Everyday decor and I just added little pops of fall like this beautiful pumpkin from sea gallery and that complete the look so this. Beautiful base is from Burlington the pics are from Pier one and the silver ones are from Hobby Lobby and hello to my beautiful side table you guys.

I got it at home good and.

I am looking for a second one on the other side of the living room we have this beautiful new accent chairs that. I got also we added wallpaper to the fireplace and I’m loving how that looks so I got this yours from Facebook marketplace you guys the person who sold it to, me told me that she purchased them my home goods and changed her mind and I guess she passed the 30 day.

Policy and couldn’t return them so it was my, lucky day if you watch my mantel decorating video the only thing that’s changed here was that I added this really pretty silver beaded garland to my mantel that’s about it you, guys look how pretty it looks now it just gave me that little pop, of glam that I was looking for it’s my last dining room.

Update video we painted this room we painted this staircase and obviously I decorated at, poor fall this is how its kind of stayed and I hope you guys enjoyed this video don’t forget to subscribe to my channel if, you haven’t give me thumbs up if you enjoyed let me know what you think down in the comments and I will see you all on my next.