Makeup and Hairstyles for Christmas the holidays are everywhere even pouring out of the shower getting ready for Christmas is pretty hard carrying a Christmas tree will help you build up your muscles.

Makeup and Hairstyles for Christmas

But then you have, to decorate it whew what a workout the tree looks festive but we don’t where’s all our chic and glitter we need to fix it. Right now let’s start our holiday procedures first things first beauty for starters we’ll change these clothes are much better for a party. And now makeup time apply liquid makeup glitter onto the eyelids attach regular glitter on top of it. And stars add accents with a highlighter done now you are glowing let’s take a photo, with a shiny door in the background oh that’s a great idea fasten three layers of holiday tinsel cut them into three.

Identical parts attach the top of the strand to a hair clip cut off the, excess cliff on the sparkling hair extentions our boring looks vanished into thin air I’m ready to shine at the Christmas party star-studded makeup and unusual hair will. Help me make all my wishes come. True time to get my holiday look ready apply gold eyeshadow onto the eyelids some, face powder brown eyeshadow to make your eyes look deeper some burgundy define the brow bone we like gold and blend it on the upper lid yellow eyeliner that’s a must and don’t, forget to define the inner corners of the eyes with liquid makeup glitter define the cheekbones with golden blush something is missing lipgloss.

Of Course outline your lips golden add some brown decorate the eyebrows with rhinestones I look stunning something is still off these reindeer don’t. Match my look bend wire in half and twist it shape reindeer antlers wrap the piece in light clay. make two antlers let the clay Harden hot glue the antlers to a headband decorate with artificial. Berries and flowers cut out a paper butterfly use nail polish to attach the butterfly to a piece of thin clear plastic secure it with polish cut it out and hot. Glue it to the headband these elegant antlers look great on me I’ll be the cutest.

Deer at the party you decide who I am Rudolph or Bambi but Santa will, definitely notice me thanks to my makeup I wonder if you have any ideas for guys oh I’ve been waiting for a beard, just like this for a new look color the beard with green hair coloring fresh not bad I look like the Grinch is grandpa something.

Is missing of course decorations thread different colors and sizes, of beads onto an earring hook bend the end and cut off the excess put the Christmas tree ornaments on the beard now you’re a real Christmas tree man I’ll. Definitely collect all the gifts at the party with a beard like this here comes, the bearded Christmas spirit look at all these interesting and creative party looks I need to come up with something too I want to be a gift but, I need more, bows where’s my knife make a few little gift bows perfect now.

I’ll do my makeup apply liquid makeup glitter onto the eyelid and glittering eyeshadow on top blue on fluffy fake eyelashes. and do winged eyeliner apply rainbow highlighter to your Cupid’s, bow in the inner corner of the eye. Also define the tip of the nose apply bright lipstick and now you can put on the little bows nice I’m ready to, give myself to the world hold on this look needs more bright colors brush a strand of hair with hair, styling gel and sprinkle it with a lot of glitter.

Complete the look with a big bow on the waist now my presence is a present see you under the Christmas tree did you get an unexpected, party invitation how can you come up with an awesome look in time I want to amaze everyone I’ll have to put some effort into, it I’ll do Christmas inspired makeup, apply green shimmering eyeshadow onto the eyelids add green eyeliner define the outer corners of the eyes with gold glitter define the lower lid with white eyeliner paint.

A cute Santa hat over the brow define the lips with a red lipliner the queen of Christmas has to have a crown and I, know what kind take little ornaments off a Christmas tree add artificial branches and berries attach the decorations to a headband, using black hot glue a crown with Christmas tree ornaments, can make any holiday queen look beautiful with this look I will become the queen of the.

Winter ball for sure and what about nails a regular manicure is way too plain, for a queen take long press-on nails and sparklers cut out the layer of a sparkler with a knife cut off the wire with players also trim the end of the stick.

Attach it to the nail using. Nail glue a sparkling manicure will make sure your party is lit I need to clean up hello how the lights are attacking me but that’s actually a great idea, let’s turn the lights into a party look define the eyes with colorful. Glittery eyeliner pencils draw a wire on the eyebrow using black.

Makeup and Hairstyles for Christmas