Home Decorating… House designs vary according to the taste and budget of the people, but everyone is attentive in their homes and the tastefully furnished houses are evident.

Various decorations are available to decorate a new home. Whether in old style or new style decoration applications, the choice of colors and materials is quite high. In this article I will talk about a few styles and new decorating ideas for the living room and kitchen.

Home Decorating

Some home decorating ideas and home design examples;


The living room is the best room in a house to be decorated. It is important to give a warm and livable image in the living room decoration. So it needs to be enriched with a little more care and flashy accessories. Retro styled halls are also color priority. With a colorful lounge design, you can add a very stylish and modern feel. ‘Retro’ means past, past. Retro style reflects the 1980s and 1990s.

Retro-style kitchens consist of an old-style classic cupboard, an elegant old-style table and chairs. If you want to have a retro design kitchen, you can make your wooden cabinets with the color you want or paint yourself. You can also decorate your kitchen with old-style lamps. You can get help from second hand stores.

Floral ‘Vintage’ Air

The biggest feature of vintage-style decorations is that the furniture is not made of glossy material. ‘Vintage a belongs to the fashion of the past. In general, white or wooden furniture is used. The other pattern that suits this style is the floral pattern. Flower colors are red and pink tones. Vintage style lounges and kitchens are also very popular during this period. If you want to add something from yourself, you can paint and tread on wooden raw materials yourself.

Country Breeze

Country-style houses are now widely encountered. For those who prefer simplicity and elegance, those who love pastel and natural tones can lay their houses in country style. If you have this kind of lounge or kitchen, you can decorate it with bird cages, wrought iron objects, floral pillows and chester armchairs.

You can beautify your home with various home decoration models. With small and tasteful touches, your home can have a warmer mood. The more beautiful your home looks, the more beautiful and special you will feel.