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If you are newly married or have a thought of re-laying your home, you may get lost in different decoration styles. A short research can help you decide which of these styles to make your home. We will also try to give you little ideas about modern home flooring in this article.

The modern decoration is more calm, simple and convenient and has won everyone’s appreciation. How can we achieve this harmony and simplicity? Let’s look at how to decorate your home with a few items.

Modern Home Design

If you are renovating your home or building a new home, you can use modern furniture, wallpapers and accessories from start to finish. If you do not have such an opportunity, you can add a modern feel to your existing furniture with small touches by using simple accessories and paintings.

You did a little research on the Internet and you came up with thousands of decoration products, right? And all of them are so beautiful that they take every one of them and put them in a corner of their house. However, modern home decoration does not mean getting lost between these beautiful items but balancing. So everything to use will be neither less nor more. In order to achieve this balance, we would like to provide you with a few points:

  • Choose one of your favorite calm colors, which is fashionable in your time, as your base color. You can choose the big pieces in the room you will decorate from this color, and you can use a few colors suitable for your base color in your small accessories. For example, you can choose a modern sofa set in plain and calm colors like Vilevu.
  • You can complement your chosen seats in light colors with cushions in more vibrant tones. If you prefer a creamy sofa set like Vilevu, it might be a good idea to complete it with a few rusty little pillows.
  • One of the basic elements of our house is undoubtedly our curtains. In an effort to lay a modern home, you can choose color on your curtains in steel blue to keep it simple. Curtains with monochrome or small geometric patterns can be a good choice.
  • Even though rust and steel blue may look like colors at very different ends, you will love the harmony when you visualize them. You can change the ambiance of the environment by using small accessories in these colors.
  • Chandeliers are one of the important elements when laying a new house. The geometric shaped chandeliers, which have been created with metal bars, which are in high demand in recent times, have become indispensable in modern houses with their calm and pleasant appearance!
  • If your modern home floor plans include changing your wall color, you can still choose the same flat wallpaper as your base color. So you can keep the calm and integrity in your room.
  • You may be indecisive about your flooring while decorating your home in a modern style. The more preferred natural wood flooring reflects the classic style, so it may not fit into your modern decoration. How about choosing a different flooring? Since marble and granite are now being used as flooring in addition to kitchen countertops and bathroom walls, it is necessary to benefit from this beauty. A marble or granite flooring with fine dark veins in shades close to your wall color will add a pleasant atmosphere to your home.

If your budget is not very limited, you can put onyx marble about ten centimeters wide in the places that correspond to the baseboard as well as the floor covering. So you can make a nice floor lighting by taking advantage of the semi-permeable property of the onyx marble, which has been in great demand recently.

Calmness and simplicity are essential when making modern home decor. But that doesn’t mean you have a soulless house. How about you move your walls a little bit? It is possible to make this area much more elegant by using oil paintings. Here, the mirrors of your dining room set can also be a savior.

Just like the Bass Dining Room Set…

This year’s trend is undoubtedly marble! Therefore, it would be a good idea to complete the decoration with a long vase with marble pattern. You can add naturalness to the environment with the bamboos you put in the vase.

When decorating modern, it is better to keep the number of accessories less. Thus, there will be no clutter and confusion.

Finally, how about a mirror on your little wall? Geometrical mirrors will make your room look wider than it is, and it will illuminate your room by reflecting the light entering through the windows, allowing you to benefit more from natural light.

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Modern Home Design