Most Trendy Makeup of the Year hi everybody thank you for watching in today’s content I’m going to show you how I’m doing my makeup for New Year’s.

Eve I am NOT spending, it at home like usual so I wanted to kind of sit down to the pre-planned what I was doing that way I could just bring like the bare, minimum to my friends where I’m gonna be getting ready so, I decided to film the I look for you guys that way if anyone wants some inspiration that’s not your typical silver, black gold maybe this will help you guys out I wanted to do something a little bit different this year and I honestly.

Most Trendy Makeup of the Year

Love how this Lo came out super wearable but also of course has the rhinestones to add a. Little bit of glitter as well so if you guys want to see how I got this look right here please keep watching so I had some workers.

In my house when I was filming so I have to do a voiceover first video it was, extremely loud the first pallet that I’m picking up is a soft glam. Palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills I’m then grabbing this mini Fenn Z palette it’s one of, the new ones and I’m picking up this light brown shade and that’s gonna go on the outer half of my, eyelid going back to the soft glam palette I’m using a large wedding brush and this terracotta shade and. This is gonna go in my crease this palette is super pigmented so a little bit goes a long way I like to blend my.

Eye Shadow Makeup

Eye shadow into my nose contour and I like to bring, it out a little past my eyebrow as well just to really make the eyes look big and dramatic and if there’s ever gonna be a night where you’re gonna try a more, dramatic look tonight is the night going back to my fancy palette I’m taking a little bit of that dark matte plum and I’m blending that.

Into the crease as well I’m then grabbing a, small eyebrow brush actually and I’m gonna start drawing on some liner I’m using that same matte plum shade I really wanted to do cranberry / plum this year I, don’t know why I was just kind of drawn to it plus the rhinestones that, I’m about to show you I think they kind of inspired the look I was looking. Through the different colors and I was.