Perfect White Chocolate Cake Recipe hey everyone you’re watching preppy kitchen where I John can I’ll teach you how to make delicious homemade dishes to share with your family and.

Friends and today it is the most important sharing dish ever a birthday cake for my twin boys Lachlan and George it’s a white cake fluffy. Moist covered in cream useless meringue buttercream and lots of sprinkles because it’s a birthday cake for two year old boys okay let’s get started.

Perfect White Chocolate Cake Recipe

First off I’m, adding a quarter cup of Greek yogurt plain into a, medium-sized ball you don’t have to use yogurt you could use sour cream or you could just use milk if you really feel like it this, will add the slightest bit of Tang but a lot of moisture I don’t even taste the tang to be on this one half of, a cup quarter cup for a total of 3/4 of a. Cup of whole milk I’m also adding in one teaspoon, of white vinegar kind of odd but it’s going to help react leavening agents and that’s basically you want to add the acid in because it’ll.

White Chocolate Cake Preparation

Make your leavening agents really go into overdrive and you have a fluffier but still moist cake that’s the secret to red velvet cake all of. Us has been alerted okay you want to see my red velvet cake click up. Here so delicious and hello cream-cheese frosting who could not love that my husband that’s who all right set it aside and now it’s time for the dry. Ingredients have a big bowl with a sifter over a scale just by the body starting. Off with 1 and 2/3 cups of flour all-purpose please nothing to be 200 grams 1/2 a. Teaspoon of salt quarter teaspoon of baking soda and a full teaspoon.

Of baking powder those are our leavening agents and they’ll be reacting with the vinegar we can sift it up with that scale aside and let’s. Get up all right set this aside while we cream our butter up I cannot believe the, boys are 2 today that is so crazy me it seems like just yesterday that we were in the hospital picking them up and they were like little tiny yes you been see, baby nuggets that’s three. Quarters of a cup of unsalted room-temperature butter into the standing mixer stand mixer that’s 170 grams ish in case you’re wondering and then let’s uh scream it up for a second add the sugar in one full cup 200.

Grams let it get nice and light and fluffy okay right now you can scrape the bowl. Of your mixer down a little bit more mixing I’m gonna add in three. Egg whites this is a white cake so the whole thing is we’re not going to use anything. Dark the butter is the darkest thing in this cake crack the white in there if the yolk broke it wouldn’t be like the end of. The world by the way because we’re not making a meringue or anything it’s just about the color carefully remove that dainty yolk and set, it aside you can, make some delicious French buttercream which you can click up here for with those egg yolks it is like pipeable custard and a dream come true right scrape this down looks a little. Messy and you egg the white number.

Three sound like a broken record let’s create that pull down again it makes a difference then, before I turn it back on let’s talk about flavorings normally I would love a vanilla cake but real vanilla which is the only kind of. Vanilla I use has a very dark color so what are the alternates well since you asked you could use almond extract orange blossom water or rose water, any of those are wonderful and clear and today I’ll be using rose water. Because I love the smell of roses on a cake ah this smells like heaven I made the mistake of. Drinking this straight once just a little sip and don’t do that don’t do it you only add in one to two teaspoons so that’s that’s one teaspoon and I’m gonna.

Have like a half there we go one and a half. Teaspoons and a drop mix it up okay normally I would just butter and flour my little pans but today we are going to be. Adding a parchment paper round because I have a Caprice just trace.

Perfect White Chocolate Cake Recipe