Physical Health and Wellbeing hello and welcome to buildings of tomorrow my name is Jon Lester and in this episode we’ll be talking about people productivity and the effect that health and well-being has on that productivity I’m joined today by, Francisco Dalek an innovation manager at Siemens smart infrastructure Francisco thank you, for joining us people productivity is something that we’ve talked about before what does the physical health and well-being of, a person have an effect on that productivity yes so that was the first to dimension of.

Productivity we’ve identified and when we talk about physical health and well-being if you look at the office environment there’s several factors that contribute towards that.

Physical Health and Wellbeing

So first is obviously the physical space that you’re in but also all those environmental factors could be light, could be noise could be the air quality and temperature of course and we found there’s lots of factors that especially in this aspect, where the the building context and the office domain is changing so much for many companies and moving into this really open space environments. Where people don’t, have a fixed desk anymore those factors become an even more important part that they’re playing in this whole ecosystem really influencing my my personal perception and my personal feeling of my, own well-being some of the things that you mentioned the air quality the light it’s.

Something that we actually we probably don’t focus on a lot until it’s wrong so, you want to see this consistency great I think that is one piece but I think if you look I don’t know how it is for you personally but. Usually let’s take the example of temperature right so.

If you’re feeling too hot or too cold usually what you can do is what maybe open the window if you’re lucky even have like a heating knob. Anywhere you can turn up the heating if you’re feeling too cold but generally speaking I, think the problem in this environment is that I as a person I have no control, really no agency about my environment now I’m totally lost right I’m here and I can feel something that going on I just maybe can’t focus and dry that could be, temperature it could be light it could be whatever, or I just can’t be creative so I’m not getting to those ideas I have a problem I want to solve so I have this. Very subconscious feeling yes something is not right but I really have no way of actually you know reacting towards that it’s difficult to. Pinpoint what’s causing this feeling and as we change our approach to working environments and we go to, these open plan officers and these huge spaces and more flexible spaces this is even more difficult to to have a controller and the currents yes absolutely I’m yeah it’s it’s. Super super tough so it’s we’re.

Getting a better understanding of the fit that it has but it also is more difficult for us to control and all of these variables that you talked about this is actually, something that the building delivers yes the building can really play a moderating factor in that and I mean, internally we’ve talked a lot a lot, about right technology but I think for me it’s really people first and I think and at any point in time but we can create an outstanding experience. For people we’re doing a good job and then the question rose how can we.

Use technology as an enabler of actually creating an environment that I feel I can take ownership of I can be here it can adapt to me and not, just see me as, one of several persons we’re 21 degrees temperature it’s just perfect for everyone right it has to be perfect for you for me whether or not we’ve slept well we’re tired whether or not we are. Sick whether or not the sun is shining outside or it’s, raining and so we really thought about how can we use and leverage technology as an enabler to really give this feeling of agency back to. People and to do that you have to be able to listen to people in, real time and make that connection yes 100% right and it’s really about the individual and really going away from considering me to be a neutral, entity but really me myself with. My motivations my perceptions of my feelings perfect thank you very much for your time thank you and thank you all for joining us here on buildings of tomorrow please comment like or share, this episode and also subscribe to us here on this, channel we’ll see you again soon .