Prank Ideas To Your Friends if you’re anything like Kevin, you nevermiss out on a good pranking opportunity. Especially when the victim is as gullibleas Bella.

Prank Ideas To Your Friends

I Definitely just put one of those away, didn’t I? If you think this prank is brilliant, you’ll love the awesome trickery coming your way in this video. I wonder what Kevin’s watching! Hey! That looks, pretty cool! Aw man, Kevin’s big head keeps getting inthe, way.

This is way more interesting than what theteacher’s talking about. Maybe if I lift myself up I can get a betterview. Way to, be a video hog, Kevin! Something tells me he’s gonna regret notsharing the view. And these plastic ties are about to. Changethe game. With one swift move, Justin can actually attachKevin, to his desk!

Try to get further away from Justin’s leernow, Kevin! Shoot! I forgot to put my phone on silent! Phew! Did I just hear something? Say, Kevin? Why don’t you come, up here and solve this problem. Me? Aw man, I’m so not prepared for. This. Huh? Looks like Kevin’s carrying a little extrabaggage with him these days. I don’t know what’s going on here andI’m, not sure I want to. I think I’m just gonna answer that questionfrom my, desk if that’s okay. Looks like Justin’s stuck at home studyingon a Saturday again. Hey, man! Wanna go shoot some hoops? Whatever. Aw, poor guy,. He’s never gonna get throughall this in time to play.

Dude! Wanna, play my new video game with me? It’s gonna be sick! Ugh, can’t you see I’m up to my ears insocial studies questions?! Okay, let’s focus. I think it’s about time I teach you howto have, a little fun for a change. These, balloons ought to brighten things upin here. Especially if they’re filled with water. Alright, time for the fun to, begin! Woah! Nothing can distract Justin from his studies! Did you really think Justin wasn’t gonnasee that coming? Now it’s time to bring this bad boy intothe, mix. Catch this one, buddy! Woah! Justin didn’t think he was sitting in the splash zone, did he? My homework! It’s all ruined! What am I supposed to do. Now? KEVIN! If you think Kevin’s ever entered a bathroom without looking in the mirror, you don’t know him very well.

Ugh You’re still in here? Forget it. Lookin’ good, bro. And just when you think Kevin stopped thinking about his, appearance, he finds himself another mirror to stare at..

Your hair hasn’t even moved since you wentto the bathroom! Don’t wait for me, I’ll go into classby myself, thanks. Maybe. If I just rest my eyes for one minute. Kevin’s asleep and it’s the only timehis vanity isn’t getting the best of him. I’m gonna show Kevin. His appearance isn’teverything by giving him a little change.

Turns out makeup can be used lots of ways. Like making fake pimples! And, if you add a dab of glue, you can makesome pretty real-looking white heads. Thanks for the eyeshadow.. Huh? What happened? I don’t know why you guys are acting soweird., Phew, my hair still looks good. What’s all over my face? I’m gonna kill. You guys! This little guy is about to take my prankingskills to a whole new level! Sticking power, activated. Hide it! Justin’s right behind you!

Prank Secret

Good thing you can do you secret handshakewith just one hand. Yes! You made it just in, time! Shh! Don’t laugh! Unfortunately, for pranks like this, you’ve got to wait for the perfect moment to see some action. Yep, Kevin’s, patience is definitely wearingthin. Anyone wanna come up here and help? Looks like Justin wants to! And here’s, where our patience pays off! It looks like he’s pooping a rainbow orsomething. Huh? What’s on my butt? Who knew something so simple could be so hilarious.

Is this supposed to be a joke,, Justin? You’re behind this, aren’t you, Kevin? What? Why would I ever do a thing like that? Looks like Kevin Kevin waiting till the lastminute to study for his exam again.. Justin’s been prepared for a week. Ugh, that noise is, so distracting. You wanna read, dude? Nah, been there done that. “No, I’m too smart to study!” Suit yourself. Looks like all that YouTube watching has gotJustin feeling sleepy. Perhaps it’s, time for a little nap. Seriously? Now you’re, snoring? Okay, this isn’t gonna work for me.

On second thought, maybe I should take advantageof his unconsciousness. I’m just gonna close this computer veryslowly… And replace it with this side table. This, is gonna be so good! Justin’s gonna be in for a rude awakeningin a couple minutes! And so things don’t get.

Too crazy, let’sweigh the table down with some stuff. That should do it! Don’t laugh, Kevin, you’ll wake him, up! And now, we just have to wait for the magicto happen!, And that time is now! Yes! Oh man, that had to hurt! What is going on here?! Once that table’s out of the way, Kevin’sgonna get it! What are you, waiting for, dude? Run! Woah! Looks like we’re in the middle of an epic race! Hey! Don’t cheat, Justin! Time for. A super-fast snack break. Oh no! My car’s driving awfully close to that water! Hey, those little snacks are a hit! Racing cars, really revs up that appetite,right boys?

Prank Ideas To Your Friends

Just stick that whole thing right, in there. Hey! Did Kevin seriously eat the last one? Aw man, I guess I’ll get up and snag somemore. Kevin never thinks about anyone but himself,I’m always. Making food for us.. But as the saying goes, you never should bitthe hand that feeds you. Unless, of course, you. Want them to bite back. Let’s spice this snack time up a bit, shallwe? Kevin’s never going to suspect this breadis covered in hot sauce. This prank’s gonna be epic! I made you some more.

Snacks, Kevin, and they’reall just for you. Wow! Everything on this plate. Is just for me? You betcha, friend! Go on, Kev, take a bite! Why does my mouth suddenly feel like, it’son fire?? Quick, grab your soda! Gah! I need some relief! Looks like that drink did the trick. Nope, still burning! If these pranks had you laughing up a storm,just wait, till you see the outtakes! Share these awesome pranks with your friends and, don’t forget to subscribe to 123Go’s YouTube page for more awesome content!

Prank Ideas To Your Friends