Squishy White Cake Recipe hey everyone welcome back to the sugar geeks show today we’re making one of our most popular recipes a white velvet buttermilk cake this recipe. Has been pinned over a hundred thousand times and is by far one of. My most well-loved recipes on the blog white velvet buttermilk cake is made with surprise-surprise buttermilk buttermilk has magical qualities when. It comes to cake it, makes it super moist tender and gives it that’s that little bit of something that’s like wow this is so good I have all of my ingredients measure out you can get this recipe.

Squishy White Cake Recipe

On my blog sugar geek slash recipes I’m just gonna go, ahead and place my flour and my sugar baking powder a little bit of baking soda for that. Acidity dash of salt to bring out that flavor and I’m just going to combine that using the paddle attachment I’m gonna slowly start adding, in some of my softened butter until my dry ingredients combined with the butter and make sort of like a coarse sand and what, this does is the butter is coating the flour and creating like a protective layer of delicious creamy butter, so that our cake stays nice and tender and we are using cake flour instead of regular flour because cake flour is made from, the inside of the wheat kernel instead of the outside so.

It’s like a way more tender type of flour and is the type of cake that just kind of melts in your mouth so while this is mixing. I’m gonna combine my egg whites which have been sitting inside of a bowl of warm.

Water to just get them up to, room temperature one my tricks and I’m gonna add about 1/2 cup of my milk and to my leftover milk I’m gonna add my oil and my vanilla make, sure you’re using a really good high-quality vanilla vanilla is very expensive right now but if you buy a high quality vanilla it’s going to taste really good.

Without using a lot I’m gonna add my oil, and milk and vanilla mix to my dry ingredients and I’m gonna bump this up to medium for two full minutes so it’s been two minutes I know it sounds a. Little crazy to, let your cake batter mix for two minutes but this is something called the reverse creaming method and because we’ve coated our. Flour in butter basically making a short dough the gluten and the flour does not develop as much as it normally would. And we’re using cake flour which is automatically less gluten II than regular AP flour so what this means is. +

You’re just not going to get as much texture as you normally would if you’re using plain flour so you really have to make sure. You mix for that two minutes so that you get that nice fluffy texture it’s really important so you can see the batter it’s. Just a really thick and white and fluffy right now I’m gonna gently whisk up my, egg whites and milk mixture and now we’re just gonna add in our remaining milk egg white mixture like three parts don’t want to ruin all, that fluff just let it mix and combine from eighty five or ten seconds before you, add the next and then at the, very end I’m gonna let it mix for thirty seconds or so just to make sure that those egg whites have combined into the rest of my batter just give it a scrape.

Squishy White Cake Recipe

Pull scraping scrape just to make sure that all of my batter is mixing in and I can see that my batter is, super smooth there’s no separating there’s, no curdling and that’s because I made sure that all of my ingredients like my eggs my butter my milk was all slightly warm I can smell that kind of, tangy buttermilk in there it’s gonna taste so delicious, I’m going to be greasing my pans with something called cake goop cake goop is just equal parts flour oil and vegetable shortening and I always have some on hand for greasing my pans it’s gonna make, this cake just slide.

Right out I’m gonna divide this cake between my cake pans fill it about 3/4 of the way full if you have any leftover cake batter you can just save that for the next cake or bake. A little extra one for yourself. Sometimes I’ll weigh my cake pans to make sure that I have the same amount of batter. In each pan so that they bake evenly I’m gonna put these in the oven at 335 degrees Fahrenheit for about 28 minutes to start with and I’ll see where we’re at and then, keep going until the toothpick comes out of the center clean but they still haven’t shrunk away from the side all right hmm, our delicious cake is out of the oven it looks amazing it has shrunk down a little bit from, the edges that’s totally normal if you feel like your cakes are shrinking a lot a little, trick is right when it comes.

Squishy White Cake Recipe