The Importance of Health and Wellbeing i’m Vicky Parrish I work within the marketing team. Here at Elgin and I’m also co-chair of the health and well-being committee and a mental health first aider learning the, skills of how to talk to people and have to sign post them in the right direction it’s, really important for me and really important for legal in general because we have a.

The Importance of Health and Wellbeing

Lot of employees who undergo a lot of stress both at work externally all sorts of issues and we really really need to address it in the same way.

That we would address physical health problems we also really want to ensure that people have a knowledge of the mental health first aiders has quite a number, of us in the building so you don’t have to talk to somebody who’s in your immediate eyesight can be, someone on a different floor completely different area and it’s anonymous and confidential I’m, lucky enough to be very resilient and very upbeat person generally positive that was until a.

Couple of years ago and my boyfriend passed away and I as a result of that I suffered from post-traumatic stress I was, very skeptical about using any tools internally and really about talking to coworkers, until someone from outside of the organization suggested I use the Employee Assistance Program which they also have in their organization didn’t really want to found it very, hard to make that first call but once I called them they were fantastic they organized a grief counselor for me almost instantly I had. Six sessions all confidential all the way from the office nothing reported back to my line manager.

And it really really helped me just talk through some. Of the fundamental issues that I was having everybody has periods of mental health ups and downs and.

I can really recommend getting involved more with the work stream looking out for the different tools that we have within. El Djem be it a mental health first aid oh just a quick conversation sometimes people just need to let off steam using the EAP or even suggesting ideas that you, know about from different organizations you’ve worked, out to get involved you really can join the work stream and help us run events help promote the Employee Assistance Program and various other tools, that we have within Elgin but I think the most important thing is to.

Look after yourself and your co-workers and and take notes of how people are doing there’s a number of training programs that are going on at the moment both for managers, and employees about mental health in the workplace and looking out for trigger points and thinking about. How you’re doing and how those closest to you in the office are many of us especially in big cities are very. Isolated from our families so we do have a duty, to look out for one another and I think that’s one of the key messages we want to give us an.

Employer is that we really care about you and how you are doing .