The Most Sparkling Soft Makeup hello boys and girls I hope you all well and having a lovely start to the year no this is actually the first video that I’m filming in 2020 but probably.

Not going to be the first one that I upload I think I’m gonna do a bastard Beauty as well but we would start off in, January as one of my first videos by recreating a video that I actually did at. The start of 2019 which actually ended up being one of my most.

The Most Sparkling Soft Makeup

Popular videos of last year I think it was like how to be a catfish in 2019 yeah okay so it’s, called how to be a cup fish in 2019 I basically did this look with like the red lipstick and stuff so I, thought I would recreate not the makeup but just the video idea and instead we’re gonna do how to be a catfish in 2020 oh my god the most recent comment, is talking about.

How my nose contour is so thank you Sarah also it’s so weird looking at this makeup look now because it’s literally so different to, how I do my makeup now so especially my eyebrows my eyebrows are so different in that make up some kind. Of intrigued to see what my makeups gonna be like in another years time because I feel like I look. Like a hot mess in this to be honest so I’ve already.

Eyebrow Pencil & Daily Makeup

Primed my eyes and took my brows I use the Urban Decay and brow blade brow pencil everything is of course cruelty free, and then I also just use its heart shape tape to prime the eyes as always in light medium bowl dipali I’m basically gonna do like kind of like an everyday glam or like. My everyday makeup but when I want to make more effort if you know what I’m saying so kind of, like a smokey neutral wing I’m gonna stick to more like the matte shades, today so it still kind of looks. Like just a bit on darling just bit smokey but still you know put together but still not too hard you know now.

I say you know okay the palette that I’m gonna use is the dose of colors baked Browns palette if you’re in the UK like me and they actually do dose of colors on beautybay so I’m.

Beautiful Shadow Makeup

Gonna try and link all the products down below if I can just gonna probably start with this shade I. Think I’m just gonna use all of the maps bar obviously the light one I’m gonna, use the brown to do a shadow and liner because you guys know I love a shadowing so I’m just gonna start with, the lightest shades and then move up towards the darker shades all of, that good stuff it’s not really gonna be like a heavy intense eye it’s gonna be more.

Of like a just like a subtle wing with like a, nice lash so you kind of look a bit put together but also like you’ve not made too much too much effort these eyeshadows are very pigmented as well so I always have to be like oh. I feel like that is not fully dry wait. Right there thank you I always sat concealer like I literally could not do eyeshadow with what concealer.

New Year Makeup

Like it just does not work for me yeah I’m just gonna run this through the crease I’m starting on the outer corner when I’ve got the most amount of shadow on the. Brush and then kind of just like bringing it through really really gently oh, this I should have my eyes but yeah it’s quite interesting with, me filming this as well compared to comparing it to like last year’s video because like I said I, do my makeup a lot differently now and the first one of this last year I did like a, full on black winged liner I’m pretty sure he’s like my next winged liner um which I don’t really doing line or any more like I I kind of do it sometimes. But I just prefer something like a little bit softer but yeah how was everyone’s New Year actually in a very quiet, one for New Year’s like just kind of stayed in watch the.

Fireworks had drink finished you I finished watching you which that ended and I’m just I don’t really want to say anything in case people. Haven’t finished it or watched it but like the, whole last the very last bit of the onion which was like the plot twist and like the thing that leads up to season 3 like I.

Just wow and we also did start watching The Witcher sorry I forgot to say I’m just going in with this shade now thank you but just can’t really get, into the Witcher maybe I need to. Like push through a little bit I was very much like this with Game of Thrones like I really wanted to get into Game of Thrones and then I just like I, got. I literally got to like season 3 like I committed to so many episodes and it got to like halfway through season 3 and I just stopped bothering because I was just like I cannot get into.

Brown Shadows

This but then I really like stuff like, the ha bear and like the Lord of the Rings so I feel like I should like stuff like, that I don’t know out of the first place I apply the brush is right in also crease here the shade is really really beautiful by though, it’s like a really rich brown I’m just going back and. Forth that in that section I’m not taking it any further in and then I kind of just go right at the corner of, my eye and just create it’s almost like a little triangle or like a little v-shape also started going to the gym as I mentioned in like my New, Year’s Eve get ready with me so kind of like I took some before some befores and I’m gonna.

Take some afters at the end of the month I’ve been twice so far and it’s currently the 3rd of 3rd of June but of Jan. And I’ve. Been twice so I went yesterday and then I also went this morning and just said a little bit extra so just been like filming that and then I’m also gonna include like what I’m eating what. I’m doing on days where I’m like having more of a rest day like.

That type of thing ok and then we’re gonna start the liner so the brush that I use for this is. The Anastasia number 7 brush which is basically a really really thin you want a really thin liner. Brush for the outer corner I always take up a fair, amount on the brush because you.

The Most Sparkling Soft Makeup