Unsuccessful Funny and Defective Designs hello friends it’s me your favorite website who’s had food poisoning twice in the past week I got it for another content can you help Rocco get home there’s.

Unsuccessful Funny and Defective Designs

Only one way the maze can go and it’s a dead end no he can’t get home sorry Rocco you. Won you’re wrong you gonna be a loan car the rest of, your life we got this bathroom. Two urinals right next to each other literally who thought this was a good idea I know girl didn’t do this a guy put these. Two together and then even put like a glass panel so, the person next you can’t see you but the person right next to you who you’re literally bumping.

Elbows with can see and smell and hear everything what’s the point of this maybe you can like practice for the Olympics like. I Don’t know I don’t know what you guys are up to in the bathroom where did it go. Did it ever have a part where you. Actually slide this ain’t a slide this a fall I wonder if that poor little girl’s mom planned this maybe you see that slide once you. Go to that room and this will go, up and then go slide down and then mom record how just falling on her face life lessons right there don’t trust anybody before I even say.

Funniest Design Fails Ever!

Anything look at this much like if you think that looks like soda or some kind. Of fancy drink right it’s a floor cleaner literally a floor cleaner how you gonna put them in the grocery store like that. So yeah a kid grab someone on the way out like mommy I want this it looks pretty it looks like a lemonade and orange juice in the same bottle.

But little do they know, is floor cleaner how y’all gonna confuse the people the world like this how could. They do you like this that puzzle piece in a little too good at, least if she ever loses her shoe again. You just sniff for it which want to use took my shoe oh yes found it okay it’s in the Pharrell. We got the sign for a restaurant that says Jessica’s family. Wow not the cup pass I don’t even think they taste good so the restaurants called. Jessica’s family restaurant and then they have a.

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Unsuccessful Funny and Defective Designs