Vanilla Cake Recipe and Preparation hey bakers today I’m going to show you how to make the perfect vanilla cake so much vanilla. So much butter so much deliciousness let’s get started starting off with 213 grams or about 1 and 2/3 cups. Of all-purpose flour you could also use cake flour if you wanted to now, so close to perfect 230 there we go a little bit less than a teaspoon of salt it’s kind of, up to you quarter teaspoon of baking soda and one teaspoon of baking powder 1 cup of white granulated sugar that’s 200.

Vanilla Cake Recipe and Preparation

Grams sift it whisk it up we’re gonna set it aside and work on the very, wet ingredients into a bowl I’m adding 3/4 of a cup or 170 hundred 76 grams of butter, not melted not solid you could use room-temperature butter you could use melted butter I’ve come, to enjoy this texture 1/2 a cup of whole milk 1/2 a cup of sour cream 3 egg whites this recipe uses egg whites because I like my vanilla cakes to be a little paler the yolks, make it.

A beautiful yellow cake I’ll often color these and make the cake like pink or you know even light blue sometimes so a lighter cake will, also hold its color better if you want to use the whole egg totally fine just remove a quarter, cup of the sour cream I’ll clean that up later three egg yolks later this can be set aside and make a delicious, lemon curd a raspberry curd so many wonderful things 1 tablespoon 15 milliliters of vanilla extract now I’m gonna whisk this up if you see little clumps of butter.

Hanging. Around don’t worry about it one little bit it’ll all even out when you add it to the dry and bake it it’ll be fine but right now let’s just give it a whisk, that’s whisked up we’re gonna pour the wet into the dry and just mix to combine plus little extra all right now.

Let’s whisk gently not Nestle you could also use a paddle attachment in, a stand mixer or you could use an electric mixer with little hand beaters if you want so I just gave it, a whisk like 30 seconds you can see now it’s a nice smooth cohesive batter and this is the right consistency you could use a baking spray if. You want I’ve been doing that lately because I am often cutting it really close on time but my preferred way, to prep a.

Vanilla Cake Recipe

Pan is by just rubbing some cold butter it’s cold you use less onto the pan and then flowering it so lose that butter around, take a tablespoon of flour and then just kick it around get the sides and then tap it, on to the next pan perfect I just repeat the process a little blessing of extra flour that cake mix now I’m going to use a scale, to get the exact same amount of cake into each pan.

I like to have really even layers but if you can’t or don’t have access to a scale just like use a toothpick like an oil gauge kind of and you can see how much batter.

Is in each pan so 280 this recipe does not make any extra batter so even though it tastes delicious right now don’t eat it I’m. Using some cake strips these are really beat-up and ratty and make a lot of cakes but they’re just wet fabric strips these are from Wilton there are. Many brands you can make your own out of fabric you can make them out of tin foil and. Paper towels you can click up here to see how they work and how to make your, own they give you perfect flat cake layers that are really nice and tender on the sides there’s no trimming needed and they come out just, perfect for stacking I love using them I highly encourage you.

Now it is Time for Decoration

To start as well if you do cake decorating and multi-layer cakes these are going to go into the oven at 350 for about. Half an hour you will see the center gets springy you touch it and the edge will pull away, from the pan that’s how you know when they’re done if you under bake your cakes the bottom might not release and things will get a little sad. So just make sure they’re perfectly done keep an eye on them while this cake layers were, baking up I’m gonna whip up a quick and easy batch of American vanilla buttercream.

Such a classic so easy so sweet but a whole other group of people think that it’s too sweet so for them we could make, a Swiss meringue buttercream also very easy it takes a couple more minutes so I’m not. Gonna lie but it gives you the creamiest silkiest frost and you can imagine not too sweet very versatile and it is perfect for piping you could do anything.

With it it’s kind of amazing but back to, our American buttercream this is gonna be so much faster than that here I have three sticks which is hmm why don’t have cups of unsalted butter at room temperature and, I’m going to gracefully gracefully drop.


It in there the gold medal for John creamed it up just for a few seconds okay. Now we’re gonna add in some confectioner sugar normally and I would sift all of this up this is a brand new bag it’s probably fine but if I. Was piping buttercream roses or something with a fine. Piping tip I don’t want anything to clog it up today I’m not doing any event so if you get a nice and quick beautiful easy cake so, just dump the sugar in in several batches and then, mix on low you might want to cover it with a tea towel if needed I’m gonna add my vanilla and, now a little bit of moisture helps get things started okay it’s getting smooth I’m gonna add in.

Vanilla Cake Recipe and Preparation