White House Coronavirus Holds News Conference white House briefing I’m a corona virus pandemic here is the president to the FDA so the states are very much involved they have been involved from the beginning. But we’re setting it up as much as we can. And the testing procedures are going well and within.

A short period of time all of the private labs will kick in this never been done before and it’s it’s gonna be something very I think it’s gonna be, incredible if it’s done properly and these are great companies these are among the greatest companies. In the world actually so the state’s going to be dealing through themselves and with, local government local physicians local everybody they’re also dealing with us but we have a tremendous testing capacity.

Today we’re also announcing a dramatic expansion of our Medicare telehealth services Medicare patients can now visit any doctor by phone or video conference at no additional cost including with commonly, used services like FaceTime and Skype a historic breakthrough this has, not been done before either in addition states of the authority to recover telehealth services for their medical patients and by doing this the patient is not seeing.

The doctor per se but they’re seeing the doctor so there’s no getting close, during this time we will not enforce applicable HIPAA penalties so that doctors can greatly expand care for their patients. Using telehealth so the penalties won’t be enforced we encourage everyone to maximize use of telehealth to limit exposure to the.

Virus it’s been a very successful method of communication but never used on a on a scale like we’re going to. Use at telehealth and you’ll be able to also better maintain Hospital capacity by doing this earlier. This morning I spoke with executives from America’s fast food industry, Wendy’s McDonald’s all of the the big ones Burger King and they were great we’re talking about the pickups in light of yesterday’s guidance you heard to avoid eating or drinking at bars, restaurants or public food courts we discuss the important role that, the drive-thru pickup and delivery service can play in the weeks ahead so that’s happening and they have been fantastic they have been absolutely fantastic and they’ve been doing it already but they’re keeping.

It open and, smaller staffs very capable people and very capable companies and they’re doing it pick ups our guidance yesterday urges Americans to take action for. 15 days to help stem the outbreak so it’s a 15-day period I guess now would say it’s a 14-day period it’s 15. Days from yesterday and we’re asking everyone to work at home a, possible postpone unnecessary travel and limit social gatherings to no more than 10 people by making shared sacrifices and temporary changes we can protect the health of.

Our people and we can protect our economy because I think our economy will come back very rapidly so it’s 15 days from yesterday we’ll see what happens after that if we do. This right our country and the world frankly but our country can be rolling again pretty quickly pretty quickly we. Have to fight that invisible enemy that, I guess unknown what we’re getting to know what a lot better today the Senate has taken up coronavirus legislation that includes free testing for those who need it as well as. Paid sick leave and family medical leave for work is affected by the virus we’re also committed to.

Getting small businesses a support that they need in fact one of the things we talked about, with the fast food operations we spoke to the chairman and CEOs of all of the companies but one of, the things we discussed is exactly that getting small businesses support and flexibility that they need for themselves and for their workers, and that’s being worked on right now at my direction secretary minuchin is meeting today with senators on additional stimulus.

Packages I can tell you who’s meeting with. Them late until the night last night and for a big part of the day yesterday and tremendous things are happening there’s. Great spirit tremendous spirit and I can say that for Republicans and Democrats I can say that with respect to Governor Cuomo we had a great talk this morning we’re both doing a, really, good job and we’re coordinating it and we agree you know different states need different things and we we agree on that 100% but with a.

Very good talk and I think we’re right down the same track and it’s going to be very successful. New York has a pretty big problem I guess would be the number one hot spot that’s no fault of anybody’s it’s just the way it is but we’re working, very closely together we’re also getting FEMA very much involved they’ve been involved but now we’re getting them to a. Different level and we’ll have everything ready we’re dealing with the Army Corps of Engineers should that.

Be necessary we have them working in some cases on standby in other cases, but my conversation with Andrew Cuomo was a very very productive one and a very good one I appreciate that we’re giving relief to affected industries and small businesses and we’re, ensuring that we emerge from this challenge with the prosperous and growing economy because that’s, what’s going to happen it’s going to pop one day we’ll be standing possibly up here we’ll, say well we won and we’re going to say that sure as you’re sitting there we’re gonna say that and we’re going to win and I think we’re going to.

Win faster than people think I hope later today I’ll meet with the, leaders from determined tourism industry as well as industrial supply retailers and wholesalers to discuss their critical roles as you know I met with the department store. People all of the retail as the big ones including Walmart and others and it was.

White House Coronavirus Holds News Conference