Yoga Movements For The Spine welcome back this is the my recovery program sessions for at home to do a few of your own exercises as you. Start to feel comfortable with your recovery my name is Katelyn and joining me here is Mary Ann Mary Ann is our volunteer and cardiac mentor for the hospital so we will be going through, some slow paced spinal.

Yoga Movements For The Spine

Movements for our next exercise sequence here so we’ll make sure you’re seated in a nice comfortable chair placing just the hands on to the thighs and for this first one will work through. Arching the back so what we’ll do. Is start to sit up nice and tall and feel like you’re starting to reach the chest a little bit, forward and up so we’re trying to get that inward curve of the lower back if you’re feeling that this is.

A little bit uncomfortable for you if you’ve just had surgery and you’re feeling a little vulnerable you can always place one hand over, the chest so that you’re still getting the movement of the spine that arching of the back but not necessarily feeling in any sort of tenderness through the front of the chest so once.

You, arrive into this shape just to pause and take a few breaths good yeah alright and we’ll release that and then we’ll move to the opposite, shape of the spine which is rounding the back so then we’ll allow the hands to just sit comfortably onto the thighs, and here you’re trying to nod the chin into the chest and create this rounded spinal movement so. I’ll show a Marion that we’re looking for this movement all the way through all the way through the back of the spine they’re.

Encouraging the breath into the back of the body in this shape for a few breaths and slowly coming all the way up leaning over to the.

Right side so this is where you’ll take your right hand. Place it on the right armrest so we’re looking for lateral flexion. Of the spine to the right so you’ll lean a little bit over to the right side here you can even place your left hand on the armrest on the left side so that we’re starting to. Lean over to the side essentially trying to create more space through this.

Opposite side of the waist so we’re trying to encourage our breath into this left side, of the waist here so you’re taking a few breaths turn and feel that stretch out, through the side good and then you can slowly come all the way back up through Center and we’ll do the opposite side together so left hand onto the armrests leaning over to the left side. And you can.

Spine Movements

Use the right hand on the right side of the armrest to lift a little bit and over so we’re looking to create length more length through this right side waist so encouraging breath on that whole right, side great last inhale and then, slowly coming all the way out our last two movements of the spine or spinal twists so what we’ll do is. We’ll take our right hand up to the right armrest slide it all the way back left hand comes to the right knee sitting nice and tall here so. We want to allow this might to get as long as it can and then on the exhale start to look over the.

Right shoulder yeah you got your hand looking over yes trying to create more length with the inhale and then on. The exhale see if you can encourage the deepening of.

The twist yeah you got it last inhale here and then exhale slowly release can unwind all the way, back through Center bringing both hands to the thighs and now the left hand left hand up to, the left side bringing the right hand over to the left thigh sitting tall on the inhale so right up through the back of the neck and then on the exhale starting to. Look over that left shoulder so getting taller as you inhale and then. Exhale see if you can just slightly increase the twist as you. Look over that left shoulder.

Yoga Movements For The Spine