The many activities offered by Phil Travel Safari are designed to give you the very best in family entertainment. You can expect to see some of the most exotic wildlife in the world, which is featured in many of the animals videos, photos, and pictures available on the website. The team of over 200 people working on the Safari Site are dedicated to ensuring that your wildlife experience is nothing short of extraordinary. Services offered by Phil Travel Safari include:

Safaris allow families to see some of the most beautiful wildlife in their own home country. They can visit the remote wilderness in New South Wales, Australia, or explore the coastal rainforests of New Zealand. Many people have described the trip to Australia as one of their favourite wildlife experiences, with the creatures they have seen up close including King Penguins, Emerald Eagles, Short Earsed Dolphins, Toucans, Flying Foxes, King Mackerel, Damself Eagles, Pepper Spray Bills, etc. You will be given access to guided tours, which will allow you to see and interact with some of the most amazing wildlife. Each day you can return to your vehicle and enjoy more adventures in the pristine surrounds of your own safari lodge.

Another option for those who want to do something different when travelling is to take a boat tour. Sea Safari Cruises operates regularly between Cairns and Melbourne. You can enjoy a variety of activities on board such as swimming, kayaking, snorkelling, fishing, and surfing. This is also an excellent opportunity to meet fellow travellers and engage in lively conversations. Some of the tours depart daily and return to Cairns after midnight, so you can take advantage of this unique opportunity to get away from it all if you prefer.

When you choose a Phil Travel Safari, you are choosing to participate in one of the most unique travelling experiences around. Your guide will take you on a two hour journey through Australia’s incredible wilderness. You will be taken on land and sea safari through the Great Barrier Reef. The tour includes an opportunity to view the underwater sights of Australia’s marine wonderland. A special guided tour will also take you on a journey through the heart of the indigenous lands of Australia, where aborigines still live in the remote areas.

If you choose a Phil Travel Safari, you will have a great deal of fun. You will also have an opportunity to save some money if you book your trip online. There is no need to worry about the cost of plane tickets, or even the cost of accommodation. You can spend as much time in the safaris and attractions as you wish; you can also save a lot of money by paying for your tour online in advance. Because there are many discounts available online, this means that you can travel to Australia at a very low cost.

Phil Travel does not just offer plane flights; they also offer car hire services. They offer a car hire service for those planning a road trip. What is better than driving your own way around the country? Of course, the tours come at a cost – but that is just part of the adventure. Make sure that you check out the site for all your travel arrangements before you book your Phil Travel itinerary.

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Phil Travel – A Focus on Cape Town and South Africa’s Game Park

Phil Travel Safari is at the threshold of successfully penetrating a profitable niche in this fast growing niche industry. The current global trend towards a huge rise in the total number of travellers entering the country via air, sea and land offers an opportunity for Phil Travel Safari to successfully penetrate the marketplace. This success would be a historic turning point for the company that has grown to become one of South Africa’s leading tour operator and the biggest tour operator in the Eastern Cape. Touring the famous Game Park and Kgalagadi Game Reserve in Durban and attending the annual Safari Club event in Bloemfontein will certainly mark the successful conclusion of the first phase of expansion plans for Phil Travel Safari.

Over the last decade the company has grown from a small family owned travel operator into a multi-million pound organization with its name recognition and flagship store in Cape Town, the seat of South Africa’s business capital. The company now has four destinations in Cape Town, two in Kastell regatta and one each in Durban and Bloemfontein. These last two destination locations in particular have seen a marked growth in visitor numbers during the last decade.

The future for the company in this exciting market is not only based on high quality accommodation options that are ideally located close to popular game parks but also an area that has tremendous growth potential. Tourism is still the backbone of the South African economy and the tourism industry in Durban/Cape Town encompasses the major tourist areas including Springbok Stadium, Fort Charlotte and Victoria Campgrounds among others. The company’s focus on attracting tourists to these major destinations will no doubt provide it with additional opportunities to further expand its presence in this niche sector of the tourism industry in South Africa. The company is focusing on expanding its retail presence through its acquisition of Travel Insurance Solutions, a leading provider of travel insurance coverage in South Africa. This purchase will allow Phil Travel Safari access to one of the most lucrative insurance product portfolios in the country.

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