Beach bedroom decor ideas are many and varied. I like beach themed decor because it is a way to relax, feel cool, and appreciate nature at its best. When I’m doing my decorating, I take my inspiration from the beach. The great thing about beach bedroom decor is that it can be made out of almost anything that fits into the theme. This article will show you some great beach bedroom decor ideas that you can use to make your room beautiful and worth a visit on your next vacation.

Beach Themed Bedroom Decor Ideas: Beachy Bedroom Decor inspired by a variety of seaside vacation home tours, and each bedroom color scheme from a gorgeous beach house tours done by yourself, or by professional interior designers. These decorating ideas used sea shells, fake palm trees, starfish, star cluster wallpaper, and ocean-themed fabrics like linen, chenille, and shantung. You can do all the work yourself, so you don’t have to worry about running out of each bedroom design inspiration, or beachy bedding that is sure to go with any room. All you need to get started are these photos and ideas of color and fabric swatches. Simply do an online search using your favorite search engine for “each bedroom ideas” or “beach bedroom design”, whichever appeals to you.

Beachy Bathroom Decor: The color blue is always a great choice for any decorating theme. Shades of blue can be monochromatic or use blues alternating with greens or purples to add some interest. You can also use light blue on your headboard, and on your bath pillow cover and curtains. If you’re daring, you can even use a few swatches of blue on your wall to create your own unique beach theme.

Beach Bedroom Rug: A simple beach-y print for your rugs and pillows would be the first thing you’d put on your bed, along with your linen. Rugs are made in all sorts of colors, like sand and waves or white and seagulls. You can buy cotton rugs that look like beds at the beach, but they have washable qualities and will be easy to clean when you’re done laying out your beach bedroom decor. You can choose from any size, color, and pattern you want; just be sure that the pattern doesn’t contrast with your wallpaper or the other items in your room.

Island Furniture: When it comes to island furniture, there are endless beach bedroom decor ideas. Choose pieces with a casual elegance reminiscent of the South Pacific, including rattan baskets and ceramic plates with reflective shells for a coastal look. Soothe your senses with candles, and choose colors that are similar to those found on the ocean, including soft pink, sea green, and turquoise.

Pillows and Blankets: To complete your decor, throw pillows and blankets around the house. Make sure to choose ones that have a complimentary look to the color of the walls and the items in your room, such as a colorful quilt with sandy tones or a woven blanket with a brown and tan. The beach theme is all about light and airy colors, so use a few potted plants in a variety of shades and hues. You can find all-green pillows and blankets with touches of seashells, coral, and other pretty but subdued colors. If you love the look of driftwood, use it on your bed, comforters, pillows, and curtains.

beach bedroom decor

Beach Bedroom Decor

If you enjoy the warm breezes of the ocean and are looking for an ideal place to relax or unwind, a beach bedroom decor might just be what you’re looking for. A beach themed bedroom would be an ideal beach house decor. A beach bedroom theme usually features a tropical feel to it with pale blues and pinks and light blue and greens. White painted walls add a little light and air to a beach bedroom theme, and darker blues and pinks would give the bedroom a more tropical look. The wallpaper in the bedroom would be palm trees, seashells, starfish, flip flops, sand, and Hawaiian flowers.

You can also incorporate seaside accessories into your beach bedroom decor. Shades of blue, white, and cream add an air of freshness to your room, and sea shells on a bed add another layer of natural materials to the room. Large candles in blue, white, and cream put under a window or hanging on the wall to create a soft glow in the night. Large floor lamps that are draped with Hawaiian flowers or other print patterns create a lovely accent against the blue painted walls. A small table near the window gives you a space to spread out your beachy bed sheets, perhaps while enjoying a sweet coconut milk chocolate drink on a beach night. Bamboo baskets with seashells on top or coconut bras create a lovely accessory to add to your beachy bedroom decor.

Accessories that include seaside items create a warm and cozy atmosphere in your bedroom. Use complementary colors and textures to decorate your walls, curtains, and bed linen, and use beachy colors on your bathroom and kitchen decor. Add an umbrella to the window, or place a couple beach balls on your headboard, pillow case, or on the table near your bed. You will immediately enjoy the feel of being beachy in your bedroom.

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