Many of you will have visited old towns during your holidays in Europe and enjoyed the historic charm they have to offer. In some cases these villages still hold traces of their ancient history and can be explored by day trippers or by an overnight stay. The most popular and picturesque of these are the medieval town of Fussen, where you can see the remains of one of the most impressive castles in Europe. Fussen is also home to the world famous Torre Eressen mountain, which attracts hundreds of hikers each year. Another great attraction is the old church of Fussen, which is a Gothic structure and sits on the summit of a mountain.

The Italian region of Tuscany has some of the most scenic landscapes in Europe. Florence, the capital city of Tuscany and L’Amorealt is an architectural gem with many gorgeous old buildings. Florence sits proudly on the River Arno and is one of the most important art centres in the world. Many tourists visit L’Amorealt and Florence as it is close by to Rome. The opera house, Palazzo del Comercio, was built in Florence around the 1400s and dates back to this time. Within the temple you can still find the original chairs used by the Mozart brothers.

Varangerheim in Germany is a beautiful mountain village which is surrounded by sparkling mountains. Many tourists come here to take in the stunning views and enjoy the tranquillity that it offers. The majority of Varangerheim has now been converted into apartments and shops. This part of Germany is very popular with families staying in holiday home rentals. The town is also home to a lake and the picturesque Voelingsee mountain.

Best Old Towns in Europe

The French region of Provence has some of the most beautiful architecture in Europe. The towns are small and the landscape varies from sandy beaches to rocky cliffs. The main town of Nice is well known for its summer beach. The other main towns are Valence d’Agen and Nice itself. These places are all in the coastal area of Nice.

One of the most famous destinations in the country, Prague is situated on the banks of the Vltava River. The city is a great destination for couples celebrating their wedding anniversary or simply spending some quality time together. Within the town you will find a wide selection of hotels and restaurants. You will also find plenty of interesting historical buildings and museums. The main church in the city, The Marble Church, dates back to the 11th century and is well worth a visit.

Travelling from the UK to the Baltic states, Denmark or Sweden can be an exciting and amusing way to spend your holiday. The capitals of these countries offer interesting and varied ancient attractions. In the Baltic states there are intriguing ancient castles and monasteries. You will be able to find out about the traditions of these places and get a real feel for their history. Other destinations in the Baltic countries include Kaliningrad, Moscow and Tallinn.

Top Five Best Old Towns in Costa Rica

If you love ancient history and architecture and want to experience old towns in Europe, then you should plan a short stay in Padua, which is located on the northern coast of Costa Rica. Padua is considered to be one of the oldest and most well-preserved medieval towns in all of Central America. In fact, the entire town is listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and it is home to an amazing selection of beautiful historical buildings. One of the most famous landmarks in Padua is the exquisite Spanish Cathedral that sits proudly atop its high marble dome. Dotted with century-old frescoes, the cathedral is known for its artistry and beauty.

Best Old Towns in Europe

The best way to experience authentic medieval flavor is to travel to the medieval town of Santa Fe. Santa Fe is the primary port of arrival for all of the eastern coast Indians and sailors who made their homes here during the colonial period. You will find some of the most amazing old towns in Europe here and if you are looking for authentic food and cuisine, then you should definitely make a stop at the Teotihuacan restaurant, which is situated in the charming Old Town of Santa Fe. Teotihuacan has been a popular spot for tourists ever since it was built in the 16th century and served as a family restaurant for the royal families of the time. Today, the restaurant serves authentic Mexican food and seafood to visitors from around the world.

When you are looking for the best places to visit in Costa Rica, you might also want to consider Roxton, which is known as the “capital” of the colonial era. It was one of the biggest cities in colonial times and boasted all of the amenities and modern luxuries that you would expect from a bustling city today. If you are interested in history and in a small town where life goes on at quite a low-key pace, then you might want to check out the village of Mano Juan. Located in the heart of the Old Town, Roxton is a quaint place that is perfect for a quiet stroll and a visit to its beautiful museum and historic center. While you are in Roxton, you will be able to take a bus into Santa Cruz, which is the third-busiest city in Costa Rica after San Jose and San Miguel.

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