As we move into the fall and winter, our menu plans for the China Garden will change to incorporate heavier foods and heavier drinks. At this time of year, the weather in my area is changing from warm and sunny to cold and windy. This change means that cold weather means colder appetizers, warmer entrees and heavier meals. We are not going to be able to serve all the food that we have been serving all summer. Starting this week, we will switch from the hot chicken sandwiches and cold hamburgers to the German chicken salad with the sauerkraut and the apple wood-smoked bacon.

The other problem with the cold weather is that it makes dishes that are more delicate, requiring more carefully to be cooked. For example, I am used to a large family gathering and we never have anyone who can eat a very small piece of raw potato that has been lightly steamed until barely soft in the pan – let alone a dish of rabbit meat that has been gently fried. This means that most of my finger foods will now require a pair of tongs or a fork. There will still be plenty of finger food dishes and larger platters of food. What will remain will be heavier meals like stews and soups, along with the traditional sides of vegetables, meat, and rice.

Chinese Garden Menu

It is important to be aware that some of my Chinese friends are having a difficult time adjusting to this new change in their Chinese meal times. They have always eaten six to eight hours before dinner. Now, three or four nights a week they find themselves not being able to eat all of their food. I cannot blame them; I used to do the same thing. My mother taught me that the key to cooking food is in the preparation, and that there is a right way to do things, and a wrong way to do things.

I am willing to bet that many of my friends are having a hard time trying to figure out what they will have for dinner. Will it be their favorite vegetable? Will they be able to make a quick dinner that will keep them warm on a cold night? Will they be able to sit down and relax while enjoying their favorite Chinese dishes?

In order to help you prepare your Chinese recipes properly, I have created a website where you can download free printable Chinese recipes. On this site you can find an array of healthy, traditional Chinese dishes as well as healthy American dishes. You can choose to have white meats such as turkey or chicken, or you can have the leaner, more colorful vegetables that are staples of the Chinese diet. You can choose to serve these vegetables raw or cooked, or you can have a recipe for both.

The great thing about the downloaded garden menu recipes is that the prices are very reasonable. If you have never cooked from home before, I suggest you start off by creating a basic menu for your family and working your way up from there. You will quickly find that cooking for one is so much fun, and the whole family can enjoy the fruits of your labor. So get creative, find your Chinese garden menu, print it out, and let the good times begin!

Enjoy the Traditional Chinese Garden Menu at Your Home Restaurant

If you are looking for a great Chinese restaurant in New Jersey, I recommend you check out the Beitche Restaurant in Scotch Plains, NJ. This restaurant is located at Broadway and 47th Street in Scotch Plains, New Jersey. Beitche is one of the most popular Chinese restaurants in New Jersey and it is known for serving Chinese dishes with authentic flavors. You can choose from a wide selection of cuisines on this restaurant menu such as Chings, Fried Duck, General Tao’s chicken, Creme Brulee, and Chop suey.

Chinese Garden Menu

If you are looking for some Vietnamese food in New Jersey, the restaurant called Noodle House on Main Street in West Orange is the right place for you. Here you will enjoy a variety of Vietnamese dishes such as Pho, Hoi Or soup, Goi Nut cookies and Vietnamese Spring Rolls. This restaurant is open late nights and on Sundays during the holiday season. If you are not into Asian food, you will be happy to learn that Noodle House serves American, Canadian, and Portuguese cuisines on their menu. They also serve cold appetizers, sushi, and Hamburgers on their different restaurant dining tables.

Finally, if you are in New Jersey and love seafood, then you should try Juca’s Restaurant in Parsippany. This restaurant offers an extensive entree selection along with an incredible variety of platters of specialty sides, such as shrimp, lobster, prime rib, paella, Tuna salad, Caesar salad, and numerous side orders. You can enjoy your entrees and sides on their delicious Mediterranean bar. You can also enjoy a scrumptious desert with many different flavors such as peanut butter and jam, banana split, chocolate truffles, tiramisu, cinnamon twists, and much more.

The Beitche restaurant in Scotch Plains has consistently served high quality Chinese food since 1990. If you love Chinese food and want to experience it right in your own home, then this is the restaurant for you. It offers authentic Chinese dishes from Szechwan, Hunan, and Northern China. You can enjoy all these delights on their garden menu.

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