Ecuador travel is made more enjoyable by the plethora of scenery, the diverse climate, the rich culture and the most hospitable people. It’s not always easy to appreciate all that an Ecuador tour has to offer. There are plenty of hidden delights in Ecuador such as the indigenous way of life in the Amazonian regions, as well as the colonial architecture and wildlife found throughout the country.

Most Ecuador travel is centered on the famous Amazon rainforest, which is where the majority of the rainforest growth occurs. The Amazon’s biodiversity makes it one of the richest areas in the world, providing a home to an astounding array of flora and fauna. South America is also home to many beautiful islands such as Guayaquil and Quito. Guayaquil is the capital city of Ecuador and is located on the Pacific coast. One of the most stunning features of Ecuador’s interior landscape is its extensive coastline, which includes some of the world’s most spectacular beaches such as those at Guayaquil, Cayo Francisco, Santa Cruz and Caye District.

Ecuador Travel

Ecuador’s west coast features numerous pristine islands with lush tropical rainforests, including the Quito Island and its surrounding seven islands. Guayaquil, the capital of Ecuador, is one of the best known starting points for eco-tourism in South America. It has plenty to offer to travelers interested in seeing nature in all its glory, especially the beautiful sandy beaches, crystal clear ocean water, and abundant wildlife. Another popular stopping point is Quito, which boasts breathtaking scenery and the world’s third largest volcano. Ecuador travel can be an enjoyable experience that tourists can enjoy throughout their entire trip.

Ecuador Travel Tips – Getting Around The Country

Ecuador travel can be made easy if you have the right information on where to head and what to do. The vast Amazon rainforest, also known as the Xingu River in Spanish, is home to many species of wildlife and ecotourism. There are many eco-tourist spots and lodges in Quito and the surrounding areas that provide shelter, food and adventure.

Getting Around The Quito region of Ecuador is fairly easy given its relatively small size and short journey time. Getting around Quito and the surrounding area by road is quite safe given the high levels of security that have been installed in major areas of the city by the government. Most of the major hotels and tourist destinations are located in the coastal part of Quito and along the coast. Ecotourism has boomed in the past decade in Quito and all along the beaches of the coast line there are eco-tourism centers offering up a variety of activities, tours and adventures. One of the most popular activities here is snorkeling where you will get to see the amazing underwater life of Ecuador including coral reefs and sea lions. Other popular activities include horseback riding through the national parks, shopping in Quito’s large market streets and watching a variety of animals such as snakes, monkeys and leopards.

Ecuador Travel

If you want to see the active volcano, Volcan Baru, head out from Quito to its south-facing corner which is accessible through a cable car. Baru is closed to visitors during the dry season but the water still pools at its north side causing the flooding of its surroundings. The other active volcanoes in Ecuador include the Popoyo, Popocatemata and Tambomachay.

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