With the recent tension between the United States and North Korea over a series of missile tests, it may be time to start planning a North Korean travel vacation. Unfortunately, travel to the hermit nation is off-limits to most Americans at this time. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the sights, the sounds, and the experience of a North Korean holiday-or a trip to any North Korean destination for that matter-on your own time, budget, and with as much privacy as you like.

The travel ban, originally announced in September, was subsequently put into action for all U.S. residents, including permanent residents and dual citizens. However, non-American citizens, including tourists, need a special visa to travel to North Korea, sometimes in support of a trip or other diplomatic efforts. These visa requirements are in effect until further notice. While some reports indicate that the United States is taking the necessary steps to allow citizens to enter the country via Mexico, such measures have not been fully implemented. It is also not known whether those currently on travel restrictions will be allowed to return once they reach their destinations.

As of now, only a few dozen American men and women are currently permitted to travel to North Korea on tourist visas. This ban has created a large gap in the travel market between American and Canadian travelers. While Canadian visitors are not necessarily banned, the absence of an American travel advisory has meant that many do not know that their visit is forbidden. For many, a visit to North Korea is simply not possible without the help of a friend or reliable relative abroad. However, those who have successfully crossed the border despite the travel restrictions can attest to the difficulties involved in visiting the Hermit Kingdom.

Once you’ve made preparations for your trip, you’ll need to decide where to go. Some North Korean locations are off limits to Americans because of the risk of being held prisoner by the government. Other locations, including some of the cities surrounding Seoul, are acceptable for tourist purposes, though there is more security involved when travelling to the country.

Your first task should be deciding which type of travel protection to take. Most tourists tend to rely on passports and travel insurance, but these are not always adequate. Travel Insurance is especially useful if something goes wrong while travelling to North Korea, as it provides a means of filing a claim in the event of an emergency without the need to show proof of citizenship. If you do choose to use a passport, it’s important to note that even the slightest mistake can have serious consequences. Even if you are travelling under a valid visa, mistakes made during the processing of your documents could leave you without the materials you require to pass through the country’s borders.

One option for those trying to avoid detection is to use North Korea travel options that offer lodging in one of the country’s many hotels. Although it is difficult to obtain a booking without a reliable source, it is possible to arrange your accommodation and travel plans in advance with a reputable tour company. Most hotels in North Korea will provide guests with detailed information about accommodations, travel options, dining options, and excursions. This means that you can plan your trip without having to rely on sources that may be less than reliable. With careful planning, it is possible to reduce the possibility that you will fall victim to scams or illicit activities.

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North Korean Travel – A Cultural Experience

For those who love to travel and spend time in other countries abroad, there is no better destination than North Korea. The country has maintained an iron ironclad control over its people and does not face the kinds of economic problems that so many other nations around the world are facing today. Unfortunately, the country’s economy is in such bad shape right now that even ordinary citizens have started to realize that the time for change may be at hand. Unfortunately, in light of today’s global pandemic, it’s not easy to travel to North Korea at all. Until then, how can travelers keep their minds open about the country and what they can expect when they do travel there in the future?

One thing that is starting to come about more than the country of North Korea becomes more open to the outside world, is travel writing. Writing about living conditions in the country, life as a tourist in the country, and even about life in the western world itself can make for a very interesting type of travel piece. In fact, even travel brochures from North Korea are starting to look like a bit of a craze. As the tourism to the country increases, more books about the country will start to appear on bookshops and online. While it’s difficult to expect tourists to visit the country solely to read about it, anyone who lives in the United States or the world in general would do well to read up on the country’s culture and history before booking a trip there.

Because of the restrictions on foreign travel to North Korea, most people who want to visit there must first visit the country’s main tourist attraction, the Mount Koryo Tours. This tour takes tourists to the top of a dormant volcano, where they can view the grandeur of the surrounding countryside below. Of course, this is just one of the many attractions in North Korea; there is also a special prison camp where political prisoners are incarcerated, which is open to tourists who want to see the inside and hear the stories of those who have made their way into the prison. The prison is open to the public on a scheduled basis, and thousands of foreign tourists take advantage of these opportunities each year. If you do decide to visit North Korea, be sure to make it to this park before your trip.

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