The first step in starting a Massachusetts travel business is to secure the appropriate licenses. As with many states, Massachusetts requires businesses to get a state license before they can operate as a commercial entity. The first step in getting your license is to find out what your state requires for operating a business. Every state has a different set of laws and requirements when it comes to opening a Massachusetts travel company. This step can be a bit overwhelming, so take some time to explore what you need to do for Massachusetts.

The second step to entering Massachusetts travel business is to register the company with the secretary of state. Your company should be registered by the fourth day of the month of operation. You should be ready to submit all of the appropriate forms by the fourth day of operation.

The third step to entering Massachusetts travel business is to create a travel advisory. You must submit this document to the secretary of state by the fourth day of operations. This advisory will detail all of the activities your company will be participating in during the course of a month. You’ll want to provide detailed information such as whether you’ll be transporting livestock, collecting specimens, or testing samples. This advisory is also helpful to other business owners that might be considering starting a Massachusetts travel advisory for their company.

The fourth and final step to starting a Massachusetts travel company in October is to submit your first public notice. You should submit this notice to the local chamber of commerce on the same day that you submit your application for a certificate of authority. The first public notice is effective Monday, October first. Your company should receive its certificate of authority on October fifteenth.

Once you have entered Massachusetts, you should not send out any new applications for licenses until after the secretary of state has given you the all clear. If you do apply for licenses prior to the issuance of the first notice of intent to operate, you are required to pass the negative Covid-19 test. Passing the negative covid-19 test makes you eligible for obtaining a license, but you will need to again pass the positive covid-19 test before you can obtain your official business license.

The entire process to start a Massachusetts travel business, whether you’re opening a store, a lodging unit, or a tour operator’s business, takes about two months from the time that you apply for a certificate of authority until you receive your official business license. There are also many other requirements that you must meet throughout the entire process. You may also be required to have an inspection and report at the end of the two month period. Follow our Massachusetts Travel Guide to learn everything you need to know before you start your journey across this great state!


Plan Your Next Vacation in Massachusetts

For those who are interested in exploring the various sites in Massachusetts, a Massachusetts travel guide is a good idea to guide them towards the best spots. There are several sites in Massachusetts that can be visited for a holiday or a vacation such as the famous Boston Red Sox baseball team, and the exquisite Franklin Park Zoo. The state capitol building and the Old State Building are also a sight to behold. While in Massachusetts, a travelers’ guide can be very useful in discovering the different sites there so that they can plan their next trips accordingly. In fact, there are even a few tips and guidelines that travelers should take note of before leaving Massachusetts. These tips include the necessary vaccinations required for visitors, the necessary permits required, and the recommended dresses to be worn while visiting certain sites.

While visiting the state, it is important for travelers to be aware of the various mass-transit systems such as the MBTA (melted potato terminal), the commuter rail system, the Green Line subway system, and the Revereux commuter train. Travelers may also want to check with the Department of Public Health to see if they are permitted to carry some medical devices when traveling to and from the state. Another important thing to do is to register for a Rabies vaccination upon arriving in Massachusetts. There are several approved cities in Massachusetts where travelers can register for free health clinics that offer free rabies shots. If travelers have their own dog or cat, they may also want to check with animal shelters in the area to see if they offer free or subsidized pet services.

One of the most popular things about living in Massachusetts is the state’s devotion to cleanliness. Clean water is made available to all residents on a daily basis, and state agencies to enforce strict rules regarding garbage disposal. For travelers planning to visit Massachusetts in the near future, the Mass Transit Authority offers a service called the Massachusetts Travel Information Line that provides information about the Mass Transit system, bus routes, and ferry services. The MBTA offers step by step instructions on how to use public transportation safely and should you need a ride during the state of Massachusetts’ reopening, there will be service available.

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