Indian Living Room Decor, a style that is truly bold and has a bold influence on home decor, has truly evolved as a result of continuous practice, experimentation and exploration in the field of art. This decorative style that comes with the “Bharata” or the exotic Indian herbs, comes with the distinct impression of the newness of the region, freshness and the exoticness of the region. This particular style is based on the concept of “Tribal Design”. It depicts traditional rural artistry in its most original form. The various elements like: colors, natural materials, patterns, designs and textures combine in a totally new manner to give the decoration an entirely new character which no other form of art can give.

The modern trend in interior design in India is known as “Art Novella”. This design, which means “New Art” is a design which attempts to give the home a completely new look and feel in comparison to other typical designs. Indian Living Room Decor with an Art Novella touch is a welcome change for the interior decoration enthusiasts and the people who are willing to embrace fresh and modern living styles in their homes. With the help of this style, a house can gain a fresh new identity. The major components like: Colors, textures, frames, screens and doors contribute a lot towards the making of a perfect environment that is a blend of tradition and modernity.

Living room decor is not merely restricted to a particular design, style or pattern, but can be diversified in a variety of different ways. The idea of Art Novella gives you a chance to experiment with different elements, which combine together in a totally different way. The best part about Indian Living Room Decor is that the use of colorful fabrics, carpets, rugs, woodwork etc. creates a totally different environment altogether and leaves a soothing effect on your senses. The Indian Living Room Decor can be used in almost any part of the home starting from the drawing room to the guestroom and can be customized to fit the interiors and the tastes of people living in that particular area.

Indian Living Room Decor

Industrial Decor Living Room

Industrial decorating can be used to improve the ambiance of the industrial area. It is also used to improve the look and feel of the work environment, industrial living room, office, warehouse or any other space which is utilized by many people at one time or another for work, home or entertainment. Industrial decor items come in many shapes, sizes and styles, but basically they serve the same purpose of adding professionalism, sophistication and style to a place. They help create an environment that is both attractive and comfortable. The industrial living room decorating ideas are inspired by the Industrial Revolution and the art and craft period, when manufacturing became very important to society.

Some of the most popular items in the industrial decor living room are signs of durability like large steel globes with the company’s logo, clock shaped shelves made of metal and lumber, metal milk crates, and barn doors with intricate designs on them. The clocks may have hands with moving hands, chime or music, and come in different colors, shapes and sizes. There are also clocks that are made from wood like the ones found in barns, and have minute and hour hands with large numbers on them. The walls are often painted in soothing pastel shades or earth tones, while the floors are either polished or dull, and may be laid with tile or stone mosaic. Metal wall art and sculpture are common additions to the walls, and the furniture is designed in a rustic, woodsy style. The industrial decor living room decor is usually a combination of antiques and modern touches, so the furniture often comes in faux leather upholstery with welded wire backs or metal laminates with wood laminates.

Other features in industrial decor living room are signs of efficiency like metal buckets with stainless steel handles, and water dispensers with smooth edges, reminiscent of an office. The kitchen is another place where efficiency is key, and the countertop is a prominent feature. Metal utensils, like spatulas, knives and skillets, as well as chopping boards and skillets are a must, and the containers for spices are also functional but not overly ornate. The appliances are simple, sturdy, and durable, and the gadgets include food processors, mixers, blenders, can openers, and electrical tape for sealing. Industrial decor is an easy way to turn a house into an efficient workplace, complete with a modern environment that makes work a pleasure instead of a chore.

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