When one thinks of Miami Beach, they usually conjure up images of the famous parties, beautiful women and world class shopping that characterize the district. However, the reality is that Miami Beach is much more than a “beach hang out”. The reality is that Miami Beach is the real center of attraction in Southern Florida, with the Fort Lauderdale waterfront extending to the far southern end of Miami Beach. If you are looking for an ideal vacation spot, then Miami Beach is definitely one of the cities to beat when it comes to both quality and quantity of available activities.

If you are looking for the Miami Beach laws that govern the area, then you will not be disappointed. First off, the Miami-Dade county government does not allow any business to have a direct outdoor water frontage of more than 25 feet – which means that if you are planning on doing some sort of retail business along the beach, you better think again! You are also well aware that there are many ordinances that prohibit alcohol within one’s premises.

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On the positive side, you will discover that this City is quite quaint, both in terms of architecture and culture. Due to its central location in the southern most part of Florida, it is easily accessible from each of the major cities. Also, if you are interested in dining, Miami Beach is the ultimate place to go. The area has many fine dining restaurants that cater to the highest tastes in both cuisine and luxury. And if you are looking for shopping, then you can simply walk down South Beach’s main drag, Fifth Avenue, or you can hit one of the many high-end shopping malls that dot the city.

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Miami has been called the “Magic City” due to its warm and sunny weather. No trip to South Beach is complete without taking in one of the many attractions that make Miami famous, such as the Miami Art Museum or the Miami Seaquarium. If you are planning a trip to South Beach, then you might consider a rental car, because Miami is quite large and finding parking can be difficult. Also, there are many different hotels and resorts in South Beach, making it easier to find a hotel to stay at during your stay. However, if you do not need to rent a car and simply want to walk around South Beach, then a vacation at one of the many Miami attractions is an ideal option.

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Miami has long been known for its beaches and Miami Travel will allow you to explore this part of the city. There are many activities and special events that happen around the beaches, such as the South Beach Crew concert or the Spongebob Square Party. A fun activity that does not require much traveling is riding the glass balls or the surf boards along the beaches. These are just some of the activities that you can participate in while traveling through Miami.

For a more relaxing vacation, you can go to Brickell, which is the financial district of Miami. This area houses many of the corporate headquarters of many companies. While walking through the streets of Brickell, you can take in the sights of the sign advertisements and see what businesses are there during your time out on the town. Brickell offers plenty of shopping as well, so if you plan to spend your time out in the area, this is an ideal place to shop. But, if you are looking for a more romantic vacation, then you may want to travel to Port Miami, which is just a few blocks away from Brickell.

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