The Sleeping Beauty Costume is one of the most famous and popular Disney costumes. The classic story of Sleeping Beauty tells the princess a fairy tale about being lost in a forest and being pursued by a huntsman. As she wanders aimlessly, she falls into a deep sleep and emerges six years later as a beautiful, gorgeous princess. Because of her unique features and her magical qualities, many people choose to wear the classic Sleeping Beauty costumes for Halloween or any other occasion. The classic pink and black mini skirt are based on the classic sleeping beauty, Princess Aurora.

The sleeping beauty costume is also inspired by Sleeping Beauty. The outfit comes complete with petticoats, fingerless gloves, a matching petticoat top, and a cherry-themed crown-like headband. This officially licensed Disney princess costume is designed and manufactured by Hyperion. The costume consists of a blue and pink zebra print dress with long sleeves and an attached bodice. Additionally, the outfit includes a hooded bodice with a detachable veil.

Sleeping Beauty Costume

In keeping with the story, this princess outfit also includes a set of “enchanted” golden slipper boots. To further complete the look of the sleeping beauty, a red corset and a purple and pink bodice complete the ensemble. To complete this stunning Disney princess look, a Disney princess hat, hairband, and headband completes the outfit. These accessories are available at major retailers like Mattel, Costumes Inc., and Just Us. For a more personalized look, it is recommended that the accessories are purchased separately. For example, a simple belt, which has a star just like the one on the gown, can be replaced with a more elaborate belt with a gold trim.

The sleeping beauty with a golden crown and a golden slipper is a refreshing change from traditional Disney princess costumes. This costume, however, does not have the detachable bodice of the sleeping beauty with a pink gown. Instead, this costume is designed with a detachable princess wand and a purple colored crown. Both of these accessories are available at major retailers like Mattel, Costumes Inc., and Just Us.

For this version of the sleeping beauty, we suggest that a nightgown be included in the purchase. Just like the dress, this outfit can be purchased separately. The only difference is that the dress is not available in blue. Instead, the dress comes in the traditional pink color.

This is a great Halloween costume for your little princess. Like all of Disney’s classic characters, the Sleeping Beauty costume is available in a beautiful blue gown and accompanying headpiece. As with all of Disney’s popular costumes, this one also includes a matching magical wand. This version of the sleeping beauty costume is also sold by Mattel as an official licensed product, so you know it will fit your child properly.

Oh, the Places You’ll Go When You Wear the Sleeping Beauty Adult Costume

The all time favorite Halloween costume for 2021 is the Sleeping Beauty Adult costume. This one of a kind costume is a true representation of royalty and comfort. The costume comes with a beautiful flowing pink gown with a full skirt that flares out at the knees. It is adorned with intricate details and embellishment, as well as a detachable train. The dress itself is constructed of a beautiful fabric with intricate detailed work on the sleeves and bodice. It has full sleeves and a headpiece that hang from the crown of the dress.

Sleeping Beauty Costume

Included with the sleeping beauty costume is a beautiful fairy tale Disney Princess applique. With this embellishment you can easily transform yourself into a Disney Princess! There are also three other collectible items that will allow you to recreate a fairytale castle complete with wall sconces, crystal chandeliers, furniture, windows, doorbells, and more. Included in the set are the Cinderella wand, slipper key chain, and the Prince Charming footprint. All of these items come in the traditional colors of pink and blue.

For an authentic look that everyone will love, make sure to wear your sleeping beauty costume to a sleepover party. You will have the most fun wearing your beautiful Disney princess costume, and everyone will be able to laugh at the silly way you look! Your friends and family will absolutely love seeing you in your cute little sleepwear, and they will probably want to buy you a present just to say thank you! If you want to treat yourself to a couple of things before you hop back home to relax, make sure to stop by the local dollar shop and pick up a few things to take home from Halloween. You are guaranteed to find a great deal on some sleepwear or themed decorations! If you are looking for an inexpensive Halloween costume that everyone will enjoy, this is definitely the costume for you!

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