The South Coast Botanic Garden lies 87 acres in the Palos Verdes Hills, an unincorporated community of Los Angeles County, California, right in the middle of the San Fernando Valley. It is not part of the city of Los Angeles. It is an autonomous community just south of Los Angeles. You need a map and a driving license to visit the South Coast Botanic Garden. The closest airport to the Garden is the Pacific Aviation Airport, which is only about a three-hour drive away.

The South Coast Botanic Garden has some of the most beautiful plants and flowers in the world. One cannot resist the beautiful palm trees with their big leaves swaying in the wind. A stroll through the large show garden will surely make you feel that you have stepped into another world. The beauty of the natural environment makes the South Coast Botanical Garden an important place for outdoor lovers.

The South Coast Botanic Gardens has a very wide range of plants. They grow on different areas in the Palos Verdes Peninsula and even outside the boundaries of Los Angeles. There are five separate plant groups including orchids, manzanita, calendula, poppies, and ocotillo. All the plants belong to the families mentioned above except for the orchids. All these plants have been grown for more than two hundred years in the beautiful gardens in California.

Some of the exotic species that can be found in the gardens of the south coast are Echinacea, false unicorn flower, goldenrod, phlox, starflower, and many more. There are also different species of birds and mammals. One can see a number of birds in aviaries as well as a variety of animals like deer, squirrels, rabbits, frogs etc. A wide variety of exotic plants is also grown in the garden. The main reason why people love to visit this garden is that they can get so close to nature. A visitor can truly appreciate the beauty of nature, if he or she visits this beautiful garden.

One can enjoy a picnic along the shores of the sea, if he or she takes a boat tour. The South Coast Botanic Garden offers a wide variety of boat tours to local residents, tourists, and visitors. If you are lucky enough, you might even get to meet a cute penguin on your tour. It is one of the favorite activities of children when they come to visit the gardens.

Some of the plants are grown right in front of homes, which means they do not even require a truck for transport. This is why the South Coast Botanic Garden offers container gardening. Trash is picked up from homes and delivered to the landfill that accepts these plants. You can find many homes with their own waste collection point. Your guests will be impressed with the way your guests treat the environment, and they may even ask you to sponsor a local business in your neighborhood.

south coast botanic garden

The South Coast Botanic Garden

The South Coast Botanic Garden has its origins in a beautiful old growth forest on the hillside right below a group of large buildings which used to be the country’s largest chemical printing and insulation foundry. In addition it also has the world’s largest collection of flowering plants for desert plants, woodland plants, undergrowth, desert plants, ground covers, wetland plants and ground covers. It is one of the seven Natural Science centers located in the Los Angeles region. The Botanic Garden was created by botanists Harry R. Deering and Cyrus Smith, who have been growing the various desert plants for over forty years.

The South Coast Botanic Gardens is a striking contrast to the north coast natural parks and landscape gardening areas. It is one of the very few botanical gardens that are planted not only for their beauty but also for their ability to provide habitat for birds and other wildlife. This unique placement makes these botanical gardens ideal for bird watching during the winter and other wildlife activities such as hiking, biking, strolling, and skating during the summer. Many local groups like the Yountville Vegetarians, the Placerverectum Garden Club, and the La Jolla Greenhouse uses the gardens for socializing and planning events.

There is an eight-acre outdoor garden with beautiful grasses, flowers, and herbs. It is the only one of its kind north of Los Angeles. The Los Angeles County Botanical Garden is located on the south coast botanic garden property. Other gardens in this area are the San Gabriel Park Botanical Garden, the San Diego Botanical Garden, the Pacific Grove Park Botanical Garden, the Arts and Sceneries Botanical Garden, and the Winnetu Resort and Spa Botanical Garden.

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