The best wedding decoration ideas can be the ones that fit your budget and taste. You want to put your best efforts into the reception because it is where you and your new husband will be spending the most special night of your lives. However, there is also the chore of keeping guests cool during the reception. Depending on your venue’s contract, there may be some restrictions on the kind of wedding decorations you are allowed to bring in or other changes you can make to that space. If there is such a thing as a wedding reception decorating budget, you should at least have a basic idea of what you should be looking for.

One of the most popular themes for wedding decoration ideas is a tropical theme with bright colored flowers and other lush decorations in an open space. For this kind of reception, you will definitely need plenty of flowers and other tropical plants. One easy way to bring a bit of this theme into your space is to light the plant stands with low voltage LED lights. They give off very little heat, so you don’t have to worry about them getting damaged by the strong wedding breeze.

If you are having a themed wedding, you know just how important flowers are. Therefore, another one of the great way to add life to your reception space is to bring some of those flowers into your room. One of the nicest floral arrangements for a themed wedding decoration ideas are the palm trees that come in small pots. They are not only a beautiful centerpiece but they are very easy to keep clean. Just use a little soap and water to take care of the leaves and watch them add color to your room for several years.

wedding decoration ideas

In addition to flowers, another way to add color to your space for wedding decoration ideas is to make a nice background of candles on your buffet table. If you get a cute wedding centerpiece design, like a combination of fresh flowers, candles and fruit, you will be able to light the candles without having to worry about getting the flames started. A nice centerpiece doesn’t have to cost a lot, especially when you look at all the cheap votive candles you can buy at a craft store or online for less than twenty dollars.

The lounge area of the reception can be another great place for wedding decoration ideas. One fun idea for decorating a lounge area is to make an inflatable lounge chair and fill it with soft music, candles and a magazine for guests to read. To add a little more color and vibrancy, consider filling the lounge chair with a few floating candles and maybe some mini candles too. An inflatable chair cover would be fun as well to further enhance the mood. Your guests will be bouncing happily around your wedding hall in their lovely lounge attire, enjoying the beautiful atmosphere you created for them on this special day.

One other great wedding decoration ideas that you can use for your Moroccan-style lounge would be to create a fun game using ladders and bunting. The game would be for two players, and each person would be required to decorate the ladder with flowers, balloons and candles before it was standing high up in the air. Once, the player who decorated the longest went down, the next person would have to try to bring them back up by passing a lit candle onto the ladder. It would be a fun game to play, and the two players could work together to eliminate one another. Using these types of Moroccan-style lanterns, or even just plain candle lanterns, would also be an excellent choice. Just think of the romance and magic, you would inspire when sitting on your newly decorated ladder after a long day at work.

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